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Friday, June 17, 2022

 Simple Pleasures #43

Is life getting more complicated or is it just me?

Last week I had my brain MRI, head MRA, and neck MRA all rolled into one long session in the MRI machine.

The good news is that everything was normal although I am not sure that everyone would agree that my brain is normal.

my brain has too many tabs open

I really didn't expect it to show any abnormalities as I know that my trigeminal neuralgia was caused by a dental procedure.

My takeaways from an MRI:

  • MRIs are extremely noisy
  • Why do they ask you what kind of music you would like to listen to when there is no way that you can hear any music over the banging and clanging (I did hear 5 seconds of the Moody Blues)
  • 45 minutes is too long to be inside that machine with your head in a cage (no I am not claustrophobic)
  • Be prepared for your nose to itch, your face to itch, and your eyes to itch because you are unable to scratch them.
  • Be ready for insane thoughts to start going through your head like the fact that you are the last patient of the day and what if everyone has left and you are in that machine all night. 
  • I couldn't decide if I felt like an astronaut being shot into space (thank goodness I didn't make that career choice) or Eleven being tortured in the Upside Down (ignore this one if you have never watched Stranger Things)

roses on a stone wall

It's summer and along with fighting with health insurance companies, I want to stop and smell the roses.

My plan is to cut down to one post a week for the foreseeable future. 

My pocketbook is already in a nosedive and I need some stress-free days. 

I hope you will continue to shop with me so that I can contribute money to the upkeep of that MRI machine. 

Simple Inspiration

keep smiling quote

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Gluten-Free Cooking

Last week I shared a recipe for a lemon gluten-free cake because I love lemons in the summer.

This week I found a recipe for gluten-free + vegan blueberry muffins because fresh blueberry season is upon us.

lemon blueberry vegan gluten free muffins

These easy-to-make muffins will be perfect with a cup of tea in your early morning summer garden.

Catching Up

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Summer Shopping

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Looking for some instant art for your home?

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  1. HI Laura, That is great news on MRI. A summer break will be good for the soul! Love your finds. The Nantucket book is on my list! Laura in Colorado

  2. Summer breaks to refresh the soul is always a good thing. I am not blogging as much with it being summer too. Happy Friday. Have a good weekend. xoxo Kris

  3. You nailed it with your thoughts on MRI machines, especially the music point! Glad everything was normal for your tests. I can't seem to motivate myself to write a blog post, even though I've got tons of ideas. Have a great weekend!


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