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Monday, April 20, 2015


We are often fearful that if we share our light, it will somehow diminish us, but the opposite is true.

When we share our light with others the light spreads out and soon it lights up much more of the world. 

So don't hide your wonderful light and don't be afraid to share it. You will find that not only are you enriched, but those that you have shared it with are enriched also. 

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Saturday, April 18, 2015


I love the word redolent. It evokes memories of sweet smells from the past. Today as I walked (and it ended up being a long one) the spring air was redolent with the most wonderful scents. 

dogwood blossoms

The blossoms on the trees. Freshly cut grass. Dinner wafting through an open window. 

Sometimes I just stop and breathe it all in. I want God and the universe to know how grateful I am for all of the beauty that is erupting around me.

I search for tadpoles in the stream and admire the rich verdant landscape that the recent rains have provided.


I feel like a naughty child as I stoop down to pick a dandelion, hoping that no one is watching me, and then blow it into the wind.


There is something so therapeutic about taking a walk on a beautiful day, and the best part about it is it is free. I don't need a gym membership to get my exercise and I don't need to go to a movie theater to get my entertainment. All I have to do is step outside my door and head down the sidewalk. 

stone path

The spring air is definitely redolent and I am surrounded by simplicity and serenity.

dogwood blossoms

Have a wonderful day.

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Friday, April 17, 2015


There was a time when it was the norm for extended families to live together. When grandparents were an integral part of a family's day to day living. When an older generation was deemed to be a source for teaching life experience to younger members of a family.

mamma and babychimpanzees
the grandparent effect
Although those days have primarily ended, does that mean that grandparents and especially grandmothers no longer are needed in the raising of children?

I recently came across this article from The Grandparent Effect. It spoke to my question. 

"Some scientists think women evolved to live way past their childbearing years so that in middle age, unencumbered by babies of their own, they can make sure their daughters’ kids thrive.
These scientists posit that back in the days before farming, young mothers were better able to keep their kids alive when their own mothers were around to help forage—an advantage that has been dubbed the “grandmother effect.”
Okay, so that is the theory for why we lived longer than our chimpanzee friends, but what is our purpose in the family now? Are we meant to take cruises where we play shuffleboard or hang out in bingo parlors?

I agree with the author's thought that the importance of grandparents has ebbed and flowed over time. Maybe grandparents were less important in the mid twentieth century when most mothers stayed at home, but the importance of grandmothers may be on the upswing once again. 

I do know that I would like to spend more time with my own grandchildren. That I would like to pass on things that I learned from my grandmothers. 

Just look at all of the fun we are missing out on by not being together. 

My hypothesis is that grandmothers are pretty darned important.

What are your thoughts?

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Spring has been in full bloom here in Kentucky and with the unfolding of the season comes a deep sense of serenity.

spring blossom

I sneak outside between the rain storms, splashing in puddles like a carefree child. 

purple crocus

The blossoms are beckoning.

spring blossom

Each one unique in its color, shape, and scent.

spring blossom

Each one perfect even in its imperfection.

spring blossoms

The blossoms are beckoning. They are joining together to create a profusion of color. The universe is smiling. Nature is at its best.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Being comfortable in your home is what is most important, and for me that means cottage style. It is a style that develops over time as you gather together elements.

vintage christening gown worn blue chair

Worn painted pieces and lace.

white basket antique quilt

Baskets and quilts.

cottage bedroom decor

Lamps giving off soft light.

antique white ironstone tureen flowers

Old white ironstone and faux flowers.

antique books music journal keys

A vignette of antique elements. 

These are a few of the elements I have collected over time to help give my home a cottage feel. They are all things that combine to give me a feeling of serenity and comfort.

Do you have a particular style that makes you feel comfortable?

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Monday, April 13, 2015


I love this.

Each morning before I start my meditation I ask that my heart and mind be opened. I ask that I learn from my mistakes and be open to trying new ways. 

So, don't give up if something hasn't worked out the way that you wanted it to. Try again. Look at it from a different angle. Change your focus. Life is full of infinite possibilities and all you have to do is open up your heart to them. 

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Saturday, April 11, 2015


 ....or why the heck can't I get rid of all this stuff.

Minimalism is becoming a big movement. Apparently it is a pushback against the gluttony and over consumerism of this country.

So why do people collect so many things? Well, first of all we are bombarded constantly with messages to buy, buy, buy. We are somehow made to feel guilty if we don't have the newest and the best. If we don't keep up with our neighbors, friends, and family members we somehow feel less than. 

There is nothing wrong with having material items, but in excess they can take a toll on your wellbeing. I remember how McMansions became the norm, a status symbol of how well you were doing. Then the economy crashed and people began to realize that those huge houses with all of their possessions were becoming a burden. The children who were living in those big houses witnessed the toll it was taking on their parents. Now those children are growing up to become minimalists. They don't want the burden of all those possessions. 

Minimalism is not only for the young. We can all learn something about having too many possessions, about those possessions owning us instead of the other way around. I am not sure I will ever be considered a minimalist. I like my cozy surroundings, but I do know that there are things I definitely need to get rid of. So I am working on it. I look around and each day I get rid of something, and you know what? I find that I really don't miss those things once they are gone. 

So how about you? Do you feel that you can live with less than you have now? Is it difficult for you to part with your stuff? Do you think you could ever become a true minimalist? 

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