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Wednesday, April 18, 2018


On the road again....I can't wait to get on the road again.

Actually, I am on the road today heading down to Atlanta. 

It has been four months since I have seen my daughters and grandchildren and I am literally chomping at the bit to see their sweet faces and scoop them up in big hugs.

After enduring another day of blowing snow on Monday I am looking forward to some frost free days. I am so over wintry weather, and although it will be mainly in the sixties while I am in Georgia those temps will be much better than what I have been dealing with.

Whatever the temperatures are I will be too busy playing and visiting with the kids to really care.

I may get in a quick post while I am gone, but I am leaving my laptop at home so that I am not tempted. 

Hopefully by the time I get back to central Kentucky on the 25th spring weather will have finally arrived. 

My friend and I are putting our names into the hat for a garden plot and I am hoping we get one. If so it will be time to start planting in a couple of weeks. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and that it warms up where you are.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Anyone that knows me knows that I love houseplants, and I love them even more now that I am living in an apartment with no outdoor space.

Houseplants are pretty much the only way to satisfy my itch to dig in the dirt. 

Here's my dilemma though. I don't have a whole lot of light or space to work with. There is a double window in my living room and a single window in my bedroom. 

I want more plants, but I also want plants that will survive the low light areas of my apartment. 

I love spider plants and I had one that was really thriving. However, a year ago I had an infestation of fungus gnats and my spider plant really suffered.  Most of the babies died. 

I was able to save a couple of them and after rooting and transplanting them they are doing well. I have this pot in the window, but research tells me that spider plants also do well with reflected light and being misted. They also like hanging baskets, so I think I will work on a way to hang this one. 

Diffenbachia (Dumb Cane) is another good choice. This is mine and you can see that it is thriving. I traded a home grown tomato last summer for this plant. I think I got the better deal.

Diffenbachia has a good tolerance for indoor conditions. It likes filtered light and can grow to be quite large. The leaves need to be cleaned regularly, which is something I need to do with all of my plants. 

I love palms and don't have one at the moment. I was afraid that I don't have enough light, but apparently the Parlor Palm tolerates low light.


This is one of the easiest palms to grow indoors. I'm glad to hear that because I managed to kill off the last palm I had. 

It has been a long time since I had a rubber plant. Not sure why I haven't gotten another one, because the rubber plant is one of the easiest to grown indoors. 

The rubber plant will tolerate low light conditions although it loves bright reflected light. This is a plant that can grow up to the ceiling. 

It's spring, and this means that I am in the mood to plant, but without an outdoor area I am going to have to be content with adding to my indoor jungle. 

Time to  head out to the garden centers to see what I can find. 

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Tuesday was one fine day.

It was a day that is normally typical for April in Kentucky.

The sun was shining, a breeze was blowing, and the temperature rose into the seventies. 

Pretty much perfect. 

And then last night...WOW...

A severe storm rolled through here and everything changed. 

Lightning, thunder, winds over 70 miles an hour, and the threat of tornadoes. 

After that the temperature plummeted. The wind chill was 25 degrees when I got up this morning, and although the sun is shining it is still cold out. 

I'm so glad I stocked up on groceries yesterday and ran all of my other errands, because I refuse to take off my sandals and cropped pants. I'm just that stubborn. I think this guy feels like I do.

The forecast for Saturday says snow and an overnight low of 19 degrees. REALLY??? 

I plan to stick my sandal clad feet up to the window and tell Mother Nature she can take a hike. 

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Apparently this March has been our snowiest March on record. 

When you add in all of the rain and gloom it doesn't make people very happy. 

It has caused me to feel very discontented. 

Spring is normally my favorite time of year. I love seeing the trees bloom and green popping out everywhere. I love the feel of sunshine and warm breezes on my face. I love shedding winter clothes and putting on sandals for the first time in months. 

This year that has not happened. Instead, every time I try to pack away my winter clothes the temps once again take a dive downwards. 

I am trying to take on the attitude of.

I am trying hard to be positive about where I am living, but to be honest it is difficult. My family is 400 miles away and I am missing out on watching my grandchildren grow up. 

It will be another three years until I can get into the apartment I have signed up for. By then my oldest grandchild will be leaving for college. 

I think I need an infusion of childhood smiles, of playing, and giggling for no reason at all. 

I think I need to plan a road trip south next month.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018


I really wish winter and spring would quit being at war. Spring has officially sprung and it is time for winter to just give it up already.

I for one am tired of seeing the blossoms and new leaves buried under snow. 

Wednesday my daughter, Katy flew from Atlanta to Washington, in a blizzard, to meet with members of congress. She is advocating for the Immune Deficiency Foundation to make sure that she and millions of others keep their health benefits. I am so proud of her. 

As I write this I am listening to the songs of the birds. They know that spring is here and they are calling to their mates. Is there anything sweeter than that sound in the early morning?

Easter will be here soon. I was thinking yesterday about childhood Easter outfits. We used to get so dressed up for Easter in hats, fancy dresses, gloves and patent leather shoes. My father made sure that we each had a corsage. (I am telling my age)

Easter was spent here in Kentucky at my grandparent's house. We would drive down from Canada for the long weekend and I can remember how wonderful the warm air felt. 

I used to help out in the florist bagging corsages. My grandmother paid me a couple of dollars and I thought it was the most important job in the world. 

I've manged to kill off one of the plants in my terrarium. Not enough light I guess or maybe I'm not watering the way I should. I have never been too successful with terrariums, but I love the little one that I have so I am going to replace the plant and try again. 

This is when I really miss my grandfather and his expertise on things that grow.

I don't know about you, but I have a busy day planned. Time to get in the shower and get myself going. 

Hope you have a serene day.
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Saturday, March 17, 2018


I love living in a small apartment for many reasons. One is there is less to clean.

A big downside though is lack of storage. 

I've recently been working on my closets and shared some small space closet solutions here. That is an ongoing project.

Kitchen solutions now have me sidetracked.

I am lucky to have quite a bit of cupboard space, but I still am having a problem getting it all organized. 

I saw this lid storage idea several places on Pinterest, but when I looked it up on Amazon it only had one review and that review wasn't favorable. 


Too bad, I was really liking it. I'll be on the lookout for something better, because I can never seem to find the lid I want.

It would be wonderful to have room for this.

My trash can takes up so much space under my sink. 

Why oh why do I not have room in my kitchen for something like this?

Why oh why do I not have a lot more money?

Why oh why did Pinterest have this under apartment kitchen organization ideas?

This is an apartment kitchen idea that I can really get behind. I would give my eyeteeth for wall space for this.

Maybe in my next apartment.

Now this is a space that I definitely utilize in my apartment. I do like the wire baskets that this apartment dweller has used. I am using woven baskets above my cabinets.

Wow, what is that old saying about if you hold onto something long enough you might need it? 

I have several of these old metal file holders around and I've been thinking about selling them. I never thought about using them in a kitchen. Hmmmm!!


Okay, one more. This is one I am seriously contemplating too. Not sure if I have room. Too much on my counters, but I may make space. 

I am now going to go into my kitchen and contemplate for awhile. 

Have a great weekend. It's March Madness.

P.S. Check out more posts about small spaces here.

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Monday, March 12, 2018


Is this really March in Kentucky?

Yesterday when I was out running errands I noticed how many trees were blossoming and starting to leaf out. 

This morning I woke up to this.

Ten inches of snow. 

More snow than we had for the rest of the winter combined.

I dread seeing what this weather has done to the blossoming trees. 

At least it won't be around for long. It will be back up to possibly 70 degrees by this coming up weekend. 

Until then I think I will be hibernating.

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Saturday, March 10, 2018


You might think from the title of this post that I know what to eat. Apparently I don't because eating like this caused me to gain back two pounds last week.

Who knew that a gluten free chicken tender and roasted veggies could wreak such havoc.


I know that the Gabapentin I have to take for neuropathy causes weight gain, but I didn't realize just how hard it is to lose weight. I need to lose 15 pounds, but oh boy I think I am going to have to go outside and graze on grass to get it off. 

I am searching for solutions, so let me know if you have any.

Now on to something more fun. I wrote in a previous post that I was working on a couple of things to sell in my booth and I finished them a couple of days ago.

Of course I forgot to take any actual before photos, but I did think to take this one after I started. 

I found this vintage Syroco  plaque at Goodwill for $2.99. It was a plain ugly brown with two screws on the front where apparently something had originally hung. 

I took it home and painted it with some chalk paint I had left over from some earlier projects and added some French writing. I love how it turned out. 

I really wanted to keep it, but I made myself take it to the booth yesterday.

A couple of weeks ago I purchased five vintage suitcases from an estate sale. Four of them were great as is to put in the booth and I already sold two. The fifth had a big patch torn off the outside vinyl and so it needed to be rehabbed. 

Like I said, no before photos, but I used the same paint and wording on it that I did on the plaque.

I'm happy with my projects and found that it was more fun than I thought it would be. 

Now, about that weight loss effort, I guess today will be the day that I get back to my mall walking. 

I aggravated my knee walking through a field and so it hasn't been super comfortable to walk the last couple of weeks. 

No more excuses. I will get these pesky pounds off one way or another, and I can window shop while I do it. That's always fun.

Have a great day and if you have snow I hope it melts super fast.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018


This is always a difficult time of the year for me to get through. I am not a winter person, and it seems that when we have a mild February the month of March tends to be cooler. 

Sitting around makes me feel a bit morose.

I found a definition for morose and I think that probably it may apply to me.

A morose person is sullen, gloomy, sad, glum, and depressed - not a happy camper.

Yep, that pretty much says it all.

When I get into this kind of mood I know I need to stay busy, so that is what I am trying to do.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago that I was giving up Etsy and listing on Facebook instead.

At the time that seemed like a good idea because I immediately sold some things on Facebook. However, that seems to have faded away so I am now back on Etsy along with Facebook. 

We learn from experimenting I guess.

While cleaning out one of my two closets I found a lot, and I do mean a lot, of antique and vintage ephemera. Lots of prints and maps. There is also a huge stack of vintage sheet music.

Time to get busy listing.

I have also started back into purchasing at auction and I am working on painting some of the things I bought. I am not one of those people who just loves to paint, but at least it keeps me busy.

This is one of the pieces I have started on. The two things I am working on will probably go into my booth.

I know that actual spring will be here soon and I can't wait.

The trees are really starting to pop out.

Maybe I am not quite as morose as I thought. 

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Thursday, March 1, 2018


Early signs of spring are popping up all over here in central Kentucky. 

Trees seem unwilling to wait much longer to show their pretty blossoms.

I can hardly wait myself to see their showy blooms.

I've heard that the cherry trees are in bloom, but I haven't seen any for myself yet.

My favorite thing to watch for are the daffodils. I know when I see them bloom that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

These are just gorgeous.

Along with the daffodils I found two types of crocus. 

They are often so diminutive they are hard to spot.

My last find of the day were these pretty snowdrops. I don't see as many of these here for some reason, but I was happy to find them.

Is spring starting to show up where you are?

Our warmer than normal February has contributed to ours, but we are going to have much cooler weather over the first half of March.

I can deal with it though because I know that when March rolls around spring is finally going to arrive.

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