I have been sitting here the last few days with a cranky back, which I managed to injure changing the sheets on my bed. I seriously think there should be a warning label added to bedding. 

On the upside it's given me lots of time to reflect on the important things in life. You know things like changing up my bathroom decor. 


I'm really sort of, kind of, okay absolutely loving these bathroom accessories that I found (HERE).

I can picture me tossing out what is in my bathroom now and replacing them for a more farmhouse look.

Keeping with the farmhouse theme. Bathrooms never seem to have enough shelves and we are going to need somewhere to display those new apothecary jars. Am I right, or what? 

I just happened to see these (HERE).

Last week I accidentally knocked my bathroom makeup mirror off the counter and cracked it, (someone please tell me I am not going to have 7 years of bad luck) and as much as I don't enjoy looking at new wrinkles being magnified, I really do need the mirror. 

I came across this mirror (HERE) to replace the one I broke, and I am giving notice to my wrinkles that there better not be any new ones when it arrives. 


Just in case my wrinkles don't pay any attention to me (and why should they no one else does) I always keep plenty of CeraVe cream on hand. Several years ago my dermatologist told me I have some kind of histamine thingy (thingy being the medical term) and that no perfume can touch my skin. She recommended CeraVe. I love it (HERE


The one good thing about having to wear masks in public is that I have saved a ton of money on makeup. Now I just toss on my mask and some mascara when I head out the door. If you have sensitive eyes you will probably want to check this out (HERE)


Warm weather is here and we are all ready to get outside and enjoy it. If you like to splash in the puddles after a rain shower or you want something to wear while gardening you will want to check these out (HERE)

Once all the splashing and gardening is done for the day what could be better than relaxing on your porch or patio in a comfy rocking chair. (HERE)

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Life hasn't returned to what was normal before the pandemic started, but it has become more normal.

I have been fully vaccinated for two months, and my oldest daughter, my son-in-law, and my grandson have all received their second dose. It means that I can visit them without wearing masks, and I can give them all hugs. That sure does make a difference.

My youngest daughter, Katy, won't benefit from the vaccine because she doesn't produce antibodies, but they are hoping to be able to give it to her at some point just in case. In the meantime, the nice warm weather in Georgia has meant that all of us can visit out on Cary's new deck. It is so wonderful to get together, and we do still wear our masks to protect Katy when she is there. 

Being fully vaccinated has also meant that I have been able to get out and source new items for my Etsy shop. I didn't realize how much I missed doing that. I love the thrill of the hunt, and I have some fabulous new finds.

Now about the barking dogs. One of the things I have really loved about my apartment is the peace and quiet.

A few months ago I got a new next door neighbor with a cute dog. The first couple of days the dog really barked, but then it settled down to only occasional barking and my neighbor gets it to stop when it does bark.

Last week I got a new neighbor across the hall and she too has a barking dog. The problem is that this dog barks a lot, including after 10 at night. Also, the owner has just let it bark. I'm thinking that someone must have complained, because today I heard her shushing it. 

Hopefully things will calm down. In the meantime my good friend Brenda at Cozy Little House sent me this wonderful soothing white noise machine. I am feeling calmer already. 

(HERE) is the link to it in case you need to drown out barking dogs or neighborhood garage bands.

Tomorrow I am off to Lowes to buy flowers and veggie plants for Katy and I. Hooray for spring.

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How you choose to adorn your walls is always important in maximalist decor, and nothing says maximalism more than a statement/gallery wall.

In my mind there are no real rules when creating a gallery wall, other than it should contain things that you love.

In the above photo, prints, a mirror, and a clock all come together to create an eclectic focal point. I'm loving this mid century modern style bucket chair (HERE)

Decor takes on a more modern look when a gallery wall is filled with prints framed in black. I found some assorted black frames (HERE)

While a collection of large original paintings enhances an old world French farmhouse.

This is the gallery wall in my living room. Prints and an original watercolor are framed in shades of gold and brown, and reflect the English cottage style of my apartment. The old world globe bookends in my living room are (HERE)

As you can see, gallery walls work well in all styles and are fun to create. 

Have you created a gallery wall in your home?

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I am all about being outside these days, and even though I don't have a huge garden I love looking at all the wonderful things that are available for today's garden.

One of my favorite things growing up was watching the birds in my grandmother's bird bath. This reminds me of that bird bath, but with a little bit of a modern look. The birds can find it (HERE). Well. you might have to actually purchase it for them.

I would have loved to have had this when I was gardening more. Not only is it a kneeler and a bench, it also comes with free tools. Do you think someone would let me borrow their large garden so I could use it? It's available (HERE).


I think I was starting to get cranky about purses that were too heavy or crossbody wallets that wouldn't hold my phone. When I found this small crossbody purse (HERE) I felt my crankiness start to fade away, and when I received it and realized my iphone in its case fit I was downright giddy. 

When I saw that it said Forever Young on the outside I was convinced it would magically cause my wrinkles to disappear. Okay, that didn't happen but I love the purse. and it comes in several colors.

I don't know about you, but I need reading glasses for every room, for the car, and for all of the places that I go and lose them. 

Going to the eye doctor always makes me nervous. When I went before the pandemic hit and the doctor told me my vision was still 20/20 I felt this ridiculous amount of relief. What do I think is going to happen if my vision has gotten worse? Am I going to be in trouble? Good grief.

I do however have to wear reading glasses so I purchased (THESE) a year ago and they are still holding up. Well except for the pair I immediately lost in Kroger.


With all of the dishes I have you would think I would have plenty of soup/cereal bowls. WRONG!! I was down to two mismatched bowls, and on Monday I knocked one of them off and broke it. As I watched it heading to the floor in slow motion I knew it was a goner and I was going to have to break down and buy some bowls. 

I decided to be very modern and actually buy something new. I have white vintage ironstone plates that I use daily, so I thought I would look for something white. 

You can find the bowls I chose (HERE). They are ceramic bowls that are said to be chip resistant and are dishwasher and microwave safe (although I have neither of those modern conveniences) 

I love kitchen gadgets. I remember when I moved into my first apartment buying spoons, spatulas, and Tupperware. Things were so simple back then. Now there are so many kitchen gadgets to look at my head starts to spin. 

I found these storage containers and I like the fact that they are glass, have lids, and are also great for transporting food. You can find them (HERE

Family Fun

Now that warm weather is back it's time to start getting out in the backyard and having some family fun. When I was a kid I loved playing badminton and I thought it was something that I could do with Tessa. She loves being active and I love being with her.

I chose to get two rackets and birdies to see how we would do, and we both loved it. She laughed at me. I laughed at me. It was great. You might want to try it (HERE).

How does Friday roll around so quickly each week? We must be having fun.

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Unfortunately we can't all live in a cottage or farmhouse in the countryside of France, but we can bring the feeling into our own spaces. 

French country decor is a wonderful blend of romantic, rustic and elegant elements, which conjures up a feeling of warm spring days in the French countryside. 

A comfortable porch or veranda is a good way to enjoy your outdoor space on those perfect spring and summer days. 

No matter where you live you can incorporate this style into your own space. 

Fresh cut garden greenery, painted furniture, and old world prints hanging on walls add to the coziness of a French country farmhouse.

At the end of the day, don't forget to bring home your French market basket filled with flowers and fresh produce from the market. I found a similar one (HERE).

Then sink down into your cozy plush couch in front of a toasty fire and enjoy what you have created.

Transferware is a perfect addition to French Country shelves. A large platter (HERE) is a good focal point.

Make sure to save time at the end of your day to sink into a warm bath, and be sure to treat yourself to a pretty floral bath towel (HERE) for when you step out of that wonderful old clawfoot tub.

Do you love French Country as much as I do?

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If Covid has taught me one thing it is you can buy anything you want online.

Fashion (sort of)

The term fashion is being used loosely here, because after a year spent mainly at home I am not sure what fashion is anymore. One thing I do know is that comfortable pajama pants with pockets are a must. These seem to fit my criteria and the polka dots are pretty sweet. (HERE)


I am the worst person in the world to go shoe shopping with. Ask anyone who has ever tried it with me. I can drive even the most dedicated shopper insane. 

About 20 years ago I found a brand of sandals that I love. They are not sandals for fashion, but they are comfortable, adjustable, and last forever. I bought my second pair about seven years ago and they are still going strong. In the summer I walk in them. I probably would throw them on with a pair of socks in the winter, but no one would be seen with me. Oh well who cares. You can find your own pair (HERE)



This is one of my favorite finds ever. I have arthritis in my hands and trying to open cans was excruciating. (no, all cans don't have those easy pop tops) Also, as someone who has a very small kitchen, I don't have room for one of those countertop openers. Voila, this is so easy and it fits in a drawer. I have had mine for over two years and it still works perfectly. You can find it (HERE)

I love rice and eat quite a bit of it, but I wanted to just put my rice on to cook and know it would come out the way I wanted. For my last birthday my good friend Brenda at Cozy Little House sent me this great rice cooker and as an added bonus it also steams my veggies. Passes the easy, peasy, squeezy test. (I know, but my grandchildren love me anyway) You can love it (HERE). 


Last fall I picked out this garden tote with tools, and my sweet daughter, Katy gave it to me for my birthday. It is so perfect for me. I use the tools inside for my houseplants and this summer I will carry it out to my garden spot. 

Talk about needing something stylish. I was sick of creeping back and forth with my garden tools in a plastic grocery bag. This set has everything I need and I'm pretty sure that if you do any type of gardening you will love it too (HERE).

When I was a child I loved sitting out on my grandparent's front porch in their old metal glider. I can only dream of those days now, but if I close my eyes I can see myself looking out at a beautiful garden while sipping on a glass of cherry Kool-Aid from a colorful metal glass. 

This glider would definitely do the trick (HERE).

I love shopping online. 

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There were some very mixed reviews on my last maximalist post. (here) Some loved the house with all of its colors and others really didn't like it.

I think that is wonderful. I love your views. I loved the house because it was very bohemian and artistic, but no, it is not the style I choose for my own home. 

Some people have wondered how I can live a simple and serene lifestyle in a small maximalist apartment. For me it is a simple matter of living in a space where I am surrounded by the things I love that gives me a sense of serenity.

When it comes right down to it, isn't that what home means to all of us? Some people seem to love very sparse homes. They feel uncomfortable having many things. I am the opposite. 

If I see a blank wall I want to fill it up. When I go to the garden center I know I can find a space for one more plant. 

Waking up in the morning I am comforted by my serene bedroom and feel ready to take on a new day. 


Sitting in the chair in my living room I love looking over at my blue and white plates and some favorite prints. 

When I go into my kitchen for my morning cup of tea or coffee I see that I have turned my small amount of wall space into useful storage. 


It all seems so simple to me. Make your home a space that you love and you will feel serene. 

If there is one thing I hope we have learned from the last year of self isolation is that no matter its size, no matter your decorating style, and no matter how much or how little you choose to decorate with, there really is no place like home.

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Shhh don't tell anyone, but you might just find that fabulous ironstone casserole dish pictured above in my Etsy shop.


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There are so many ways to decorate as a maximalist and I have found that incorporating different styles really works well even in small spaces.

While researching maximalist decorating ideas I came across the wonderful home of Lee Alford and Matt McKinnon in Trarargon - Victoria, Australia.

The couple has taken a small plain 856 square foot home and transformed it into a colorful oasis. 

Vintage furniture finds with baskets and wooden objects hung as wall art evokes feelings of the 1970s. I love these similar baskets.


Can there ever be too many plants in any maximalist space? In this area the owners have created a sense of intimacy using plants behind the blue velvet sofa. 

This fabulous wicker fan chair transports me right back to the 1970s. Lee found inspiration from memories of her grandparents home. 


Even the bathroom is a maximalist oasis with macrame plant hangers and a beautiful beaded curtain.


And a relaxing colorful bedroom with a pretty purple throw pillow to end your busy day.


Touring this home has brought back wonderful memories of bell bottoms, halter tops, and dancing to records in my bedroom.


So how do you feel about this vibrant, boho, maximalist style?

{photos from Apartment Therapy}

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I don't currently have any pets. I really do miss having a little dog and I am allergic to cats, so I have houseplants instead. 

The nice thing about houseplants is they clean the air, they are pretty to look at, and they don't talk back. I do however talk to them and they seem to be happy with that. 

garden journal

I have started a journal to keep track of my indoor plants so that I can see what works for them. I am thinking about using my artistic abilities (of which I have none) to draw pictures of them. 

I am also going to use it to journal my small outdoor garden this year. I know there are apps on my phone to do this, but I guess I am old fashioned and like to pick up a book to see what is going on with my plants.

houseplant pot

I have a very eclectic mix of pots and baskets that I have collected over the years to show off my pretty and sometimes not so pretty plants. Let's be honest here, not every plant thrives.

Although most of my containers have been thrifted or purchased at auction I recently added some new pots to my collection.

Don't you love baskets of plants hanging in front of my windows? My apartments don't allow things to be hung from the ceiling, but a pretty swivel plant hanger on the wall

works perfectly with a double sea grass hanging basket.

Maximalism in a small space means using the things you love, and an eclectic assortment of containers sure adds to a homey feel.

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