Are you a planner, do you like to do things spontaneously, or are you a bit of both?

I like to do a bit of both, but I also like to write down the things I want to do and have scheduled for the week ahead.

I'm a bit old school in how I keep track of things. I like a good old fashioned planner that I can hold in my hand.

Yes, I have an iphone and I do use it to also remind me of appointments, but to me it is not the same. 

This week looks to be a busy week. I seem to have something planned for each day, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I will stick to that shedule. Some things like PT and an annual meeting of my apartment building can't be moved, but there are other things like going to a new bank to set up a new account that I can move to free up a day.

Saturday I finally bit the bullet and went back to water aerobics. Much of the exercising hurt my knee, so I will talk to the physical therapist about it. Also, I had forgotten about the headache I get from the chlorine. The chlorine in that pool is so strong I have a hard time getting the smell off my skin.

I will have to reassess. 

I did go back to chair yoga on Friday. I like that class and it was easier the second time. I didn't try to push myself as hard through some of the movements that were painful. 

I'm also going to look into doing chair yoga at home. My daughter does Yoga with Adrienne. She even went to Colorado last year to take a class with her. She is on You Tube if you are interested. She has Chair Yoga for Seniors. I'm just glad she didn't call it Yoga for Old People, which is how my body is feeling at the moment. 

Today is half off thrifting day. I haven't been going much the last couple of months, but I am revving my online businesses back up this month. 

Whst do you have planned this week?


This past week has seen cold winter weather come to Atlanta. With highs in the upper 30s to low 40s it has been way too cold for my liking. Monday I pulled out my down coat for the first time. 

We were spoiled before that. The weather was springlike and flowers had started to bloom. I loved it. 

It gave me the opportunity to get out and try walking a bit in a park that a friend told me about. 

The walkways were great. Some were wooden and others paved. 

There were also a lot of people around so I felt very safe walking by myself. 

The only drawback was that it was really hilly and with my knee not being completely healed it was a bit difficult for my first effort at walking since the sprain.

I was able to do about 20 minutes, which I know isn't much, but it was a good first effort and if this cold weather would go away I would try to get out and do some more walking. 

There were some nice wooden benches in that park and as the sun was shining and the temperature was 72 I took advantage of just sitting and enjoying the afternoon. 

Unfortunately, that warm weather is on hiatus and since it has been cold and rainy I have used the time to stay at home and get some much needed work done. Yesterday I mopped my floor, cleaned out the refrigerator, and listed some things for sale on Etsy.

Next week it looks like we will be back up in the 50s, which will definitely be an improvement. 

Today I am heading off to chair yoga, picking up a couple of things at the grocery, and doing a rain rain go away chant.


Monday I ran some errands and then went and spent the afternoon playing with Tessa. I actually hadn't seen her since Christmas so I was needing some time with her. 

Of course I wanted to see Sidney and Jack Henry too, and I did get a few minutes with each of them, along with some hugs, but they are teenagers and they were busy doing school work.

I know that Tess likes to do puzzles, so I picked up a new one on the way over.

We did work on it a little, but she had built a big indoor fort that morning and wanted some imaginative play time. That was fine with me, although I had to draw the line at getting on the floor and crawling into the fort. I was afraid I might never get up again. 

It's amazing how tired out I am after three hours of playing with her, but it is worth every bit of tiredness. 

That morning I dropped by Home Goods again to see if the wood and wire wall shelf and the book shelf were still there. The wall shelf was gone, and the book shelf was too large for my space.

I want to place it behind my setee, where I have this small end table now. 

I also need to hide those cords.

I went around the store trying to see what else might work, and found that this was the only piece that was the right size. 

It is what I want as far as having space on top for plants, a couple of drawers, and closed shelves at the bottom to store some dishes that I have for sell online. 

The problem, besides the color, is that I can't bring myself to spend $150 for a shoddy made in China piece of furniture. I'll have to start looking in earnest for a vintage piece. I want something that I know will last. 

Winter has come to Georgia. It is forty degrees colder than last week, but the good thing about Georgia is that it doesn't last too long. 


Sometimes we just have to be practical.

I love cooking on my mom's old iron skillet. It not only brings back wonderful memories of her cooking when I was a child, but also cooking on an iron skillet is good for you. 

I know that iron skillets add iron to your diet, but they are also long lasting, chemical free, nonstick (if you take care of it), easy to clean, and can be used in the oven as well as on top of the stove. 

There is one drawback as we get older. Just like last winter, my arthritis has flared up pretty badly in my right hand, which makes it difficult to do some things. Lifting a heavy iron skillet is one of those things. 

So Friday, after going to chair yoga (I'll talk about that in a future post), I decided to drop into Home Goods. I have managed to avoid it for the last three months because I haven't been over in that area.

I don't know what was going on, but the place was packed and they had a lot of really nice things. I saw a couple of things, a book shelf and a wire and wood shelf that I would liked to have had, but I decided to be practical. 

I found a nice nonstick ceramic skillet for $16.99 and a non metal spatula for $3.99. Somehow I managed to get out of that store for a little over $20. WHEW!!

However, I have to be honest. I am really thinking about those other two things and will probably go back on Monday when I am back over there. I'm hoping they are gone, because I am not sure I can resist. 

Since I was next door to Walmart I decided to run in and get a small box for something I sold on Etsy. I bought that size there for 72 cents a couple of months ago. Imagine my surprise when I saw that they had hiked the price up to $2.22.

Ummmm, just NO. When did Walmart start gouging people. There was another woman looking for a box and she said the same thing. I left the box there and stopped at Kroger on my way home. I got the same size box there for 52 cents. 

We can't always be practical, but sometimes it becomes a necessity and a matter of principle.


One of the most difficult things about moving to a new city is meeting people, especially as we get older.  

I love that my daughters and grandchildren are here, but they are busy with their lives and I only see them a couple of times a month. 

Also, I miss having friends. I like having friends who are around my age. Tuesday I went to the first meeting of my new peer group that was set up by TTN, The Transition Network. 

There were only three of us there for the first meeting, but we sat and chatted for around two hours. It was nice to get to know them. One of the women was in my water aerobics class, but I hadn't ever really talked to her. 

I also found out about a chair yoga class that has been added at the Wellness Center, where I was going to walk the indoor track before my knee sprain. It is now on my calendar for Friday morning. 

We also talked about some things we might want to do in the future together. 

Yesterday was the dreaded dentist appointment. I arrived on time for the appointment, but after I got there I found out that there was some kind of outage in the area and so I had to reschedule for next week. I hate going to the dentist. Now I have the dubious pleasure of waiting for another week. 

I wish I had known before I went to the appointment, but it is what it is. 

Today is another PT appointment. Hopefully they are winding down now. My knee is definitely getting much better. 


I think I may have a bit of a bug. I know there a lot of viruses going around now. My grandchildren have had a stomach virus and my youngest daughter is sick. Also, I have heard the woman in the apartment next to me coughing. I don't usually hear much noise from my neighbors so she must have been coughing pretty loudly.

I'm feeling a bit off color, as my mother used to say. Not sick enough to require staying in bed, but enough that I know to slow down. I have a lot planned for this week so I spent the weekend taking it easy at home.

I'd hate to miss my upcoming dentist appointment. NOT!!!

There is something else that was bugging me. Last week I found a roach in my kitchen. I'm sorry did it see a welcome mat with its name on it? I think not. 

I immediately freaked out and called the management. Fortunately they had the exterminator here the next day. I don't do roaches. 

I remember my daughter telling me about her escapades with flying roaches in her house when she moved to Atlanta. I laughed hysterically because I didn't live where there were flying roaches. 

I hope that doesn't come back to bite me, because I might be forced to move to a climate where no flying roaches could survive. 

So far I haven't seen anymore roaches since that one had the nerve to run out in front of me. I'm hoping they have moved on to roach heaven. 

I guess in a few days I will be spring cleaning my kitchen. Maybe I could do that instead of going to the dentist. 


The holidays are behind us and that means that I am getting back to business. 

Sometimes I lament the fact that at my age I need to keep working, but then I think about my grandparents who continued to work in their business until their late eighties. I think about my uncle who will be 100 in June and still helps out with the bookkeeping for that same business. 

I like what I do. I like writing this blog and keeping up with all of you, and I love searching for vintage and antique treasures and selling them on to people who will love them. 

I have had to adjust somewhat how I do my business. I know that I can't lift heavy things the way I used to and if I do I pay for it (think sprained knee), but that's okay because there are still plenty of wonderful things I can sell. 

I've also enjoyed adding Poshmark to my business. It has been a gradual learning process, but it's fun and I hope to build that up more this year. 

Being busy doesn't just mean working. I am planning to start back into water aerobics Saturday. I feel like my knee has finally reached a point where I can do that. I'll let you knew how it goes. 

Last summer I joined a group for women over 50 who are transitioning into a new phase in their lives. We may be older, but that doesn't mean that we want to just sit around, put our feet up, and eat bonbons all day. 

The group is called TTN, which stands for The Transition Network. It is national and we have a local chapter here. I have been waiting for a peer group to open up to join and one finally has. I will be meeting with them for the first time on Tuesday. I think we will be starting with five women and hope to grow to about ten.

I'll let you know how that goes too. 

Life is busy again, but that is how I like it.


At one time I lived in the desert in California. It was hot and it was dry.

I'm here to tell you that desert had nothing on the apartment in winter where I am living now. 

I never turn on the heat in my apartment. Believe me I don't need to. My apartment stays between 78 and 80 degrees without heat. If I didn't run my ceiling fan in the bedroom and crack the window in my living room I would roast.

My houseplants are also roasting and I have lost some of them. That does not make me happy. I love my houseplants and have invested too much in them to watch them suffer and die.

There isn't much more I can do about the heat, but I am trying to combat the dryness. I purchased two cool mist humidifiers, one for the bedroom and one for the living room area. 

I also use an essential oil diffuser in the dining area, which puts out some cool mist. Also, the smell of Eucalyptus helps me to breathe, which is calming. 

I've started watering more than I normally do and hope that will keep them from being so thirsty. 

I purchased these two small plants at Aldi last week. They were only $2.99 each and I wanted to replace a couple that I lost. Hopefully, I can keep them happy, because right now they are making me happy. 

Do you have houseplants. How do you keep them alive in winter?


Is it a riddle or a fact of life? What is hard to lose , but easy to gain? Well, for me it is definitely weight.

I worked hard this past year to lose weight and get healthier. It took me seven months to lose seven pounds. Over Christmas it took me two weeks to gain back six of those pounds.

So instead of needing to lose ten pounds I now need to lose sixteen. SIGH!!!

My doctor told me that at my age I need to eat 1200 calories a day to lose weight. If I eat less my body goes into starvation mode and slows my metabolism down. If I eat more...well we all know what happens then. 

Up until Christmas I was counting calories, but let's face it, like most people I wanted to enjoy the holidays. Apparently I did a bit too much enjoying.

Now it is time to pay the piper. Less carbs and no desserts will be my future.

My knee has been gradually improving and so I plan to start back into exercising this week. I will start out with riding the stationary bike and water aerobics as they are supposed to be easy on my knee. 

I have found that if I do too much the pain flares up. Vacuuming definitely doesn't agree with it. Do you think anyone will notice if I never vacuum again? 

Let me know if you love to vacuum. You will always be welcome at my home and I have a rice cake here with your name on it. 


Happy New Year to all my sweet friends. 

I don't know about you, but I don't make resolutions when the new year rolls around.

Instead I set goals for my life throughout the year.

Last year I reached some of my unspoken goals. I hope to do the same in the coming year.

I wish the same for all of you.

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