Monday, July 26, 2021

Living in a small city apartment in Atlanta doesn't mean that I have to give up my love for an English country cottage.

When I think of an English country home I picture history, aged well-loved furniture, comfort, and effortless charm.

I dream of a cottage in the Cotswolds, where after a day of walks along country lanes and shopping in small villages I come home to a cozy living room. 

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English cottage decor entry

My life may not reflect those visions, but when I enter my apartment I feel the coziness settle around me. 

The history, in the furnishings, mixes with artwork by my daughter, accessories from my parents and grandparents, prints I have collected over the years, and potted plants.

This area in the room has my parent's clock, my grandmother's throw that she napped under every afternoon, and the watercolor of my grandparents' house and florist that my daughter, Katy, painted.

English cottage decor gallery wall

It is hard to hide a TV in a very small apartment, but the gallery wall above it, featuring floral prints and hunting scenes, keeps the English cottage feel.

Over the years I have collected these prints through thrifting or from local auctions.

Like most English cottage interiors my room has vintage and antique furniture that is worn and scarred from years of use. 

Persian style rug

A Persian style rug anchors the room and mixes well with baskets and houseplants. It also pulls the colors from the setee.

chintz setee in english cottage decor

Chintz is a decor staple in English cottage homes. In mine it is the vintage chintz setee. 

As you can see I have prints on every wall and have never met a wall space that didn't need to be filled. 

If you love this style don't be afraid to mix accessories from different eras. As you can see one of my lamps is mid century modern, while the other one is an antique. English cottages evolve over time, with new things being added in different decades. 

English cottage dresser

On the wall opposite the TV, my great aunt's marble topped dresser is topped with an assortment of houseplants, a vintage clock I purchased at an auction, and my parents mid century modern vases.

Pretty botanical prints are hung on the wall above. 

cottage living room

No English country front room or living room would be complete without a comfy chair and I know I can't wait to sink down into mine at the end of the day.

English cottage living room in a city apartment

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  1. I can't figure out how to make my old blog go away. If you want to see my profile it's on Again this is amazingly gorgeous. I absolutely love it.

  2. Your home is simply charming and I love it!

  3. Love the cozy features of your apartment.

  4. Your sweet cottage home is so cozy and pretty. You have found all the elements of an English Cottage Home. Our homes are our sanctuaries and it is so great yours feels so good to you. Very nice Laura. Happy New Week. xoxo

  5. Your flat is really gorgeous and you have pulled off the country cottage perfectly. It is great that you have so many sentimental items in your home. The TV is is necessary evil we cant live without. A suggestion if you did want to hide it. You could mount it on to the wall and box it in and have the cupboard doors decorated in your country cottage theme.

  6. Very cozy; reminds me so much of my english neighbour's house growing up. I actually didn't even notice the TV, which is a good thing :)

  7. Cozy, beautiful, and made more special by all of the special family treasures you are surrounded by!

  8. you did it...the total right look.

  9. It's all so beautiful, Laura. And I adore that settee. They just don't make them like that anymore!

  10. I also live in an apartment (just a couple hours north) so I'm always glad to see others post about apartments or small spaces. Such a cozy space.


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