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Friday, July 23, 2021

This week I was looking back at the things I have purchased on Amazon and thought I would share some of my favorites finds with you.

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Favorite finds from Amazon

Full disclosure: I did plan to take photos of these items in my home, but the weather was too gray and rainy, I had a toothache, and the dog ate my homework.

Kitchen Finds

Because I live in a city apartment, with a small galley kitchen where storage is at a premium, I am very selective about my kitchen purchases. 

After going five years without a microwave (apparently I thought I was Laura in Little House On The Prairie instead of Laura in the twenty first century) I decided to buy a microwave. 

So happy that I did because this microwave is the perfect size for my small kitchen and works great. I use it every day.

Black and Decker microwave

I know I have shared some of these before, but this can opener is one that I love. It fits in my junk neatly organized kitchen drawer where it is always handy without taking up counter space. 

Kitchen Mama can opener

I don't eat tons of popcorn, but when I do I always seem to make too much. Plus, I don't like the added calories of oil. I found this great little microwave corn popper that makes just the right amount. No oil needed, but it you love buttered popcorn you can add butter.

microwave corn popper

Do you like to cook in a slow cooker? Whether cooking for a family or just for one it's a great way to eat right. I can pop my meal in this crock pot in the morning and at the end of the day, when I am too tired to cook, dinner is ready.

I love adding the leftovers to the freezer for future dinners.

slow cooker

Crock pot meals can be a healthy way to eat with clean eating recipes from this crock pot cookbook.

clean eating slow cooker cookbook

Sheet Set

How high can I sing the praises of these sheets. Apparently not high enough, because they discontinued my pattern. Fortunately, I bought a second set two years ago and both sets are still beautiful. 

They do have other patterns available and because the quality and price are so great for these 100% cotton sheets, when I do need new sheets in the future I will once again purchase a set from this company.

I'm putting these blue striped sheets on my wish list. Check them out. They have some pretty florals too. 

Update: Amazon apparently made a big fat liar out of me because they now have my antique rose pattern.

100% cotton blue striped sheets

Healthy Living

This bathroom scale has been around apparently forever and I bought a vintage one a couple of months ago thinking it probably no longer worked correctly and would take 50 pounds off my weight. 

No such luck for me, but if you want a scale that will correctly weigh you until the end of time I highly recommend this mechanical scale. It looks just like the one in my grandmother's house and in mine, minus the rust.

health o meter mechanical bathroom scale
My grandson bought me an oil diffuser for Christmas a couple of years ago and I found that I love Eucalyptus oil for its smell and it helps me breathe.

I like the soft changing lights and natural wood look of my oil diffuser.

wood look oil diffuser

Both my plants and I love my two cool mist humidifiers

cool mist humidifier

 Throw Rugs

I have never actually thrown a rug, although I have been tempted to throw mine at the TV or my computer on occasion. 

The new small rug that I purchased for my entry hall is not only highly durable, stain-resistant, and reasonably priced, it is also recreated from a one of a kind rug and has that vintage look that I love. 

LOLOI throw rug with a vintage look

I can no longer find the Nichole Miller indoor outdoor rug that I bought for my bathroom, but this one is equally as pretty and like the rug in my entry hall has a great vintage look.

Nichole Miller indoor outdoor rug

Houseplant Pots

I shared this pretty set of four houseplant pots a couple of months ago, but as they seem to be pretty popular I thought I would share them again. 

set of four green ceramic houseplant pots.

More Favorite Finds

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  1. What would I do without I know I shop there too much, but I grew accustomed to shopping there since the beginning of Covid and still won't go in stores.

  2. Uh-oh...I like a lot of things on your list. This could be an expensive afternoon!!

  3. I probably should look into that popcorn maker, and the can opener, too. Thanks for the recommendations!

  4. Love all of these things and I have a few of them. Happy Friday. Have a great weekend. xoxo Kris

  5. Great finds and we have the popcorn maker. It's pretty cool. I'm not a fan of extra calories either.


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