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Monday, September 27, 2021

While searching around the web the other day I came across the term grandmillennial style.

I have to admit it was a term I was not familiar with, but of course, as someone who loves home decor I had to research it. 

blue and white bedroom

The Origins Of The Grandmillennial Style

It's hard to pinpoint the origins of the style, but it is believed that it stefelt as children at their grandparents' homes. 

Grandmillennials range in age from the mid 20s to the late 30s, but I love this style and so I think it is for everyone who loves a cosy nostalgic feel. 

Where did this style come from? I personally think that staying at home during the pandemic has created a turn from minimalism to cosy interiors, and from millennials falling back in love with the comfort they found as children.

What Is Grandmillennial Style

No longer are Laura Ashley prints, ruffles, and embroidery considered stuffy. 


Everything blue and white is big again. 

Of course, for those of us who have always loved blue and white, it never went out of style.

grandmillennial blue and white

Whether in the bedroom, living room, or foyer where a skirted table is topped with ginger jars and antique books, blue and white seems a dominant feature in this style.

grandmillennial foyer

Grandmillennial style takes design tips from stuffy grandparents' rooms into a cleaner more updated look but for those of us who have always loved traditional and cottage styles, it seems very familiar.

Interested in Grandmillennial? Find more here.

grandmillennial decor

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  1. I am so glad cozy and pretty are back in style, I've never been a fan of the minimalist look and neutral decor, I love color! Grandmillennimal is a wonderful term, thanks for explaining it~

  2. I think you're probably right. The pandemic changed a lot of things. Everyone wanted safe and cozy.

  3. I love this style. Blue and white are so pretty together. Happy New Week Laura.

  4. It's a new term to me, too! It totally makes sense, though, how it came to be.

  5. Great post, Laura. Have a wonderful week.

  6. Grandmillennial, cottagecore, everything old is new again and what goes around comes around. Or something like that, right? Either way I'm happy...I'm right back in style again.

  7. Love grandmillennial style so much and you've shared some beautiful examples too! It's always fun to see things come back around. I love all the mix of prints and the fresh way several designers have made it fun again. Hugs, CoCo


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