Monday, August 30, 2021

I have often shared photos of my blue and white transferware collection, but I have never talked about how it all got started.

blue and white transferware

How It Began

Growing up my family would always leave Canada in the summer and spend a month with my grandparents in Kentucky.

I always spent that month in what had been my great Aunt Rose's room and in the sitting area of that room was a beautiful Victorian china cabinet filled with blue and white transferware plates Aunt Rose had collected over the years.

blue and white transferware

Although my sisters never had any interest in the china cabinet or the dishes, I fell in love with them, and after I was married my grandmother gifted me with both the china cabinet and all of its contents. 

Adding To The Collection

Over the years I moved that china cabinet from Kentucky to California, to other states, and eventually back to Kentucky. 

All the while I added on to the blue and white transferware and eventually started selling some of the pieces I found while also gifting plates to my daughters.

hanging shelf with blue and white transferware

The china cabinet now resides at my daughter Cary's home as I no longer have room for it in my small apartment, but I still have the original plates.

A Continuing Love

My love for English blue and white transferware has never diminished and when I am out thrifting or bidding at online auctions I always look for it. 

vintage blue and white transferware

I now collect other pieces besides the plates and fill my apartment home with them. I guess you could say I have never met a piece of blue and white (and other colors) transferware that I didn't like. 

And that is the history of my blue and white transferware collection.

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blue and white transferware

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  1. Wonderful for your grandmother to know that you are still enjoying her collection.

  2. Had to pin this one! I love your blue and white transfer ware. You have such beautiful pieces.

  3. How great Laura you could gift some of the collected plates and the beautiful china cabinet to your daughters to keep it going in your family. That was so sweet of your grandmother to gift her cabinet and collection to you. Have a great new week. xoxo

  4. What a lovely keepsake; thanks for sharing the story!

  5. I adore your collection and have collected quite a bit of blue and white as well over the years!

  6. So interesting how something we see as a child becomes a life long love! It's hard to not love blue and white!

  7. Wow what a dream collection, such a treasure.

  8. I love learning about the things people collect!

  9. Such a great way to keep your aunt's memory alive! I love that you have her collection and have added to it over the years. That is so cool and every piece is beautiful! Hope you're having a great week so far, CoCo

  10. I love collecting dishes too. We already gave our older daughter her granmother's Franciscan ware over several years. I have my mom's one set and she also got the other for a wedding present. Her husband loves it becasuse of the wheat design being a farm boy from Kansas

  11. What a gorgeous collection! I love family history like this. The blue and white is always a classic and lovely for any style. Thanks for sharing your story. It warmed my heart.


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