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Friday, August 27, 2021

Simple Pleasures #4.

This has been a wonderful week because I got to see my daughters and granddaughters on Monday and Tuesday.

Monday morning I took Katy to a medical appointment and since we were in Grant Park where both she and my other daughter Cary live we decided to have a family visit.

Nothing beats sitting out on the front porch on a summer day.

blue chair in garden

Cary made us a nice lunch of tuna gluten-free pasta and we sat out on her front porch where Tessa coerced me into eating seven peas. Don't laugh. If you knew my lifelong aversion to peas you would know that only Tess could get me to eat some. (Of course she ate none)

Katy needed to get the Covid booster as she is immunocompromised and was having a hard time scheduling a home visit for one, so on Tuesday morning, I drove back down to Grant Park to get her. There is a drive-through Covid testing and vaccination place about a mile from me so we went there to wait our turn in a long line.

Atlanta skyline

Afterward, we stopped by the gluten-free bakery and picked up some muffins and chocolate chip cookies. YUM!!

On the way back to Katy's we stopped in at Cary's house again and dropped some muffins and cookies off there, had another short visit, and then Katy and I went to her house, had a late muffin breakfast and another visit. 

There is no greater pleasure for me than family time. 

Simple Inspiration

family quote

Lovely Reads I Found This Week

The Belvedere and Turtle Pond in Central Park in NYC is a great place to visit with or without your family.

I think these DIY Junk Birds are absolutely adorable. Tessa would love these and might forgive me for only bringing her one chocolate chip cookie.

This 5 Lost Together family from Canada bravely travels the world together and proves that family travel can be great fun.

10 Important things Grandparents Want Parents to Know is a great read for both parents and grandparents. Yes, we do have the right to tell embarrassing stories about our childhood to our children.

Favorite Gluten-Free Recipe This Week

Because I eat gluten-free I am always excited to find new gluten-free recipes, and so this little space is for all of my gluten-free friends and anyone else who loves good food. 

Since this week is all about family, I wanted to find a gluten-free 
recipe that the whole family would enjoy because many kids have to eat gluten-free too. 

I think gluten-free pizza quesadillas are perfect for the whole family.

gluten free pizza quesadillas

Catching Up

Have you read these recent posts?

Week four of Healthy Habits for a Happier Life is about learning to say no. As women, we have been socialized that saying yes makes us more likable, but saying no, when you want to say no, will lead to a healthier and happier life. 

Do we ever have enough storage space in our homes? How To Add Storage To Small Spaces provides some ideas to increase the real estate inside your home.

Amazon Finds

Most of the kids are back in school or will be going back soon, but family time is still important. 

Playing games, cooking together, and enjoying classic books are all wonderful ways to spend time together.

family fun ideas

What I'm Reading

Wednesday The Madness of Crowds, the new book by Louise Penny, arrived on my Kindle. She is my absolute favorite author, and so I always procrastinate reading it because I know I will have to wait a year for another one to come out.

What I'm Watching

I just finished watching Homeland on Netflix and I did not want it to be over, but I guess all good things must come to an end. At least they do on TV. 

Now I am starting on season 2 of Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries on Britbox. Looks like Peregrine and James are on the trail of a whole new season of murderers. 

Backpacks From Walmart

Walmart has a great selection of backpacks for the high school or college-age students in your family.

teen backpacks from walmart

Thanks for visiting with me today.

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  1. Glad you could see your daughter and have that time together. Have a happy Friday and nice weekend. xoxo

  2. Oh that Tessa! Sounds like Cary is a really good cook. Good luck today.

  3. Nice post Laura and full of good information! I must try those GF yummies as I eat totally gluten free also. I also want to try the author you recommended as sounds like a nice long series, which I love in books or TV shows. I'm always so sad when they are over and I have to wait, like you said, for another year to get a new book or new seasons! Glad you got to have some nice visiting time with your girls... family is the best! xoxo Marilyn

  4. So happy you got your Tessa and Cary fix I know how precious family is to us all.

  5. Sounds like a great week - family is what it's all about! I was intrigued by the 5 Lost Together blog - talk about family time! What an amazing lifestyle they have! I hate when a good TV series ends. I'm still missing Call The Midwife after watching all nine seasons! Thanks SO much for mentioning my Belvedere/Turtle Pond post!

  6. Time together with family and friends is so important and it sounds like you had such a great visit! Hope your weekend has been equally as amazing, CoCo


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