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Monday, January 24, 2022

Small bedrooms can be difficult to organize.

When looking to organize your small bedroom it's important to utilize all of your available spaces.

Under Bed Storage

Under a bed is valuable real estate in a small bedroom. It's a great place to store shoes, extra bedding, and off-season clothes. 

This under-bed storage bag fits perfectly under your bed. 

under bed storage

I use these under my bed. I like the fact that they are on wheels and are easy to pull in and out from under the bad. 

I even have my Christmas tree stored in one.

plastic under bed storage

Shoe Organizers

Shoes, shoes, everywhere shoes. 

There is nothing worse than standing on your head trying to find shoes at the bottom of your closet. 

One of the least expensive ways to corral some of those shoes is a clear over-the-door shoe hanger. 

These also are great for organizing craft supplies.

If your small bedroom happens to have a walk-in closet you might want to use a hanging organizer for your shoes.

hanging shoe organizer

Closet Organizers

When I walked into my closet yesterday and things literally started to fall down on my head I knew that something had to give. 

Sometimes I think there are gremlins that go into the closet at night while I am sleeping and make a big mess. (Okay that's my story and I am sticking to it.)

I have tried so many storage ideas and I still can't seem to get a handle on it. Being hit on the head set me off in search of some new ideas.

I currently have plastic storage bins, but it is getting hard for me to get those heavy containers up and down off the top of my closet so I found these.

This pack of six should be plenty for what I need. 

closet storage containers


I have some skirt hangers from my teenage years. I could sell them in my vintage shop, but I refuse to give them up. 

If you aren't as ancient as me and want a similar skirt/pants hanger I found one on Amazon.

tiered skirt hanger

Other Ideas

I always say think vertical in small spaces and pegboard can be used in any space and painted any color and used for accessories.

peg board in bedroom for accessories

Think outside the jewelry box for jewelry storage and display.

rustic jewelry display

A rolling is a great idea for a small bedroom and this one is pretty in pink.

pink metal rolling cart

I don't know about you, but I definitely see some bedroom reorganization in my future.

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  1. These are great storage ideas especially when you have small living spaces. Happy New Week Laura. Have a good one. xoxo Kris

  2. Omigosh...I forgot about those hangers! I had them growing up and need them in my small closets. Great tip!

  3. Oh I like that pink, rolling, bedside table!!!!

    A few years ago, we moved downstairs. Meaning, we live on first floor, and do not have to go up and down stairs. Our unused Front Room is now our Bedroom. No closet though.

    So we have to be creative.

    And also, I like such a blog entry, because one can always use ideas. Thank you.

    Gentle hugs...

  4. I love the idea of pegboard in the closet. I asked someone in a store about skirt hangers recently. They had no idea what I was talking about!

  5. These small space storage ideas are all fabulous! I definitely need to utilize them at our house too. I swear it doesn't take long at all for things to start piling up if you don't stay on top of them. Decluttering and creating better home systems is at the top of my priority list this year! Hugs, CoCo


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