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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Spring is definitely my favorite season.

Each year I patiently impatiently wait for the first signs that it is just around the corner. 

Here in Atlanta spring arrives earlier than in other parts of the country where I have lived, but I didn't expect it to arrive quite as quickly as it has this year.

white flowering branch

Monday was a family day.

In the morning I drove Katy to a couple of medical appointments and then I swung by Cary's to spend the afternoon with her and the grandchildren.

While driving down the road I noticed something unexpected.

It was large, it was a tree, and it was pink.

Needless to say, I was not expecting a full in bloom tree in January.

pink blossom tree

Driving home after playing with Tessa I spotted more blooms popping out.  

I actually beat her in a game, which did not go over well with her. 

She patted me on the arm and gently said, "It's okay, Nana, you can go home now."

That girl is such a hoot.

The daffodils outside my apartment are also in bloom. They usually bloom the first part of February but are also early.


I can officially say I am a happy camper because spring is definitely in the air.

When do you expect spring where you live?

spring is in the air

artificial daffodils

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  1. These ideas all have me so excited for spring! It's been unusually cold in Florida this week so we've been settling in and snuggling up which has been a fun change of pace. Love that you guys were able to spend some time together. My nephew drew me a birthday card with wild hair and I said what is this? and he said, "CoCo, you're hair is bored!" ha ha kids are so funny! Hope your week is a happy one, CoCo

  2. I love how you can live your life, and spend time with "Grands" and etc. Because you live in the South.

    Up here, in *Mask & Fear Land* (NYS) 'tis not so. -sigh-

    I am not ready to let Winter go. Hibernation time! Cozy at home time!

    Especially since I have not had much of that delightful Hibernation Time yet. But there is still February. -smile-


  3. I wish! We are expecting a legit blizzard this weekend and I am dreading it. Send some flower power up north please...any kind will do!

  4. Oh Laura I am so jealous you had that apple blossom treat spotting. We will not see that for a few more months. We are cold and snowy. Not sure why I do not live down south. Oh yeah my daughters and grand girls. Only reason I am still here. Enjoy your nice Spring weather. xoxo Kris

  5. I am so jealous that you have spring in the air. Right now it is MINUS 30˚F with wind chill factored in. Even Scruffy doesn't want to go outside today. lol. xo Diana

  6. How beautiful, Laura! We are buried in snow here, and spring is a longgggggg way off so I'll have to live vicariously through you!

  7. That's incredible! In NJ, it has been absolutely frigid (so I hear), and a blizzard is expected on Saturday. So no signs of spring there, I'm sure. However, there have been warm days in January in previous years, and my daffodils started growing (usually they come in early April).


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