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Monday, April 12, 2021

How you choose to adorn your walls is always important in maximalist decor, and nothing says maximalism more than a statement/gallery wall.

In my mind there are no real rules when creating a gallery wall, other than it should contain things that you love.

In the above photo, prints, a mirror, and a clock all come together to create an eclectic focal point. I'm loving this mid century modern style bucket chair (HERE)

Decor takes on a more modern look when a gallery wall is filled with prints framed in black. I found some assorted black frames (HERE)

While a collection of large original paintings enhances an old world French farmhouse.

This is the gallery wall in my living room. Prints and an original watercolor are framed in shades of gold and brown, and reflect the English cottage style of my apartment. The old world globe bookends in my living room are (HERE)

As you can see, gallery walls work well in all styles and are fun to create. 

Have you created a gallery wall in your home?

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  1. I like the tip of having the frames all the same color.

  2. I agree with you Laura if you make a gallery wall with things you love then it is all perfect. Happy New Week. xoxo

  3. I love a gallery wall. Your wall is charming! Have a wonderful week, dear Laura.

  4. When we moved here, I could make a fresh start with sorting my pictures. We have a gallery wall next to the dinner table - mostly in blues.
    And pink and blue flowers next to my bed.

  5. Your gallery wall looks wonderful!


  6. I love your gallery wall.... I had one but then we repainted the living room and I decided not to do one again and looking around the last few weeks I am not sure it wasn't a mistake not to do it again but, I can always change my mind...I got caught up in the farmhouse trend and decorated my living room walls like that and now everytime I look at them I feel like they look so generic... I realized after I spent too much money on these things that just because I may like the way it looks in a magazine or online maybe it's really not my style? My bedroom is decorating with all the things I love so that everything I look at is something I love an I think I should have followed through with that in the whole house.


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