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Friday, April 9, 2021

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I am all about being outside these days, and even though I don't have a huge garden I love looking at all the wonderful things that are available for today's garden.

One of my favorite things growing up was watching the birds in my grandmother's bird bath. This reminds me of that bird bath, but with a little bit of a modern look. The birds can find it (HERE). Well. you might have to actually purchase it for them.

I would have loved to have had this when I was gardening more. Not only is it a kneeler and a bench, it also comes with free tools. Do you think someone would let me borrow their large garden so I could use it? It's available (HERE).


I think I was starting to get cranky about purses that were too heavy or crossbody wallets that wouldn't hold my phone. When I found this small crossbody purse (HERE) I felt my crankiness start to fade away, and when I received it and realized my iphone in its case fit I was downright giddy. 

When I saw that it said Forever Young on the outside I was convinced it would magically cause my wrinkles to disappear. Okay, that didn't happen but I love the purse. and it comes in several colors.

I don't know about you, but I need reading glasses for every room, for the car, and for all of the places that I go and lose them. 

Going to the eye doctor always makes me nervous. When I went before the pandemic hit and the doctor told me my vision was still 20/20 I felt this ridiculous amount of relief. What do I think is going to happen if my vision has gotten worse? Am I going to be in trouble? Good grief.

I do however have to wear reading glasses so I purchased (THESE) a year ago and they are still holding up. Well except for the pair I immediately lost in Kroger.


With all of the dishes I have you would think I would have plenty of soup/cereal bowls. WRONG!! I was down to two mismatched bowls, and on Monday I knocked one of them off and broke it. As I watched it heading to the floor in slow motion I knew it was a goner and I was going to have to break down and buy some bowls. 

I decided to be very modern and actually buy something new. I have white vintage ironstone plates that I use daily, so I thought I would look for something white. 

You can find the bowls I chose (HERE). They are ceramic bowls that are said to be chip resistant and are dishwasher and microwave safe (although I have neither of those modern conveniences) 

I love kitchen gadgets. I remember when I moved into my first apartment buying spoons, spatulas, and Tupperware. Things were so simple back then. Now there are so many kitchen gadgets to look at my head starts to spin. 

I found these storage containers and I like the fact that they are glass, have lids, and are also great for transporting food. You can find them (HERE

Family Fun

Now that warm weather is back it's time to start getting out in the backyard and having some family fun. When I was a kid I loved playing badminton and I thought it was something that I could do with Tessa. She loves being active and I love being with her.

I chose to get two rackets and birdies to see how we would do, and we both loved it. She laughed at me. I laughed at me. It was great. You might want to try it (HERE).

How does Friday roll around so quickly each week? We must be having fun.

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  1. Hi Laura,
    You found some great things. I love those containers that clip on the sides. I have a few and they are fabulous. Happy Friday and have a great weekend. xoxo

  2. I bought the purse (though one slightly different that is wide instead of long) and the reading glasses. I bought those glass containers with lids a few years ago and love them.

  3. You found lots of good things! I used to play badminton (boy I had to look up that spelling!) as a child. My mom and dad had a net in the back yard, and we spent many a summer day playing with each other (3 sisters) and neighborhood kids. Such good memories (and exercise)!! That purse is so cute.. I've been struggling lately with needing a bigger purse and I hate having to lug it around. Wish I could get myself to just carry a few things. Oh and I love the glass storage containers with those lids. I also have a few and love them. then I can microwave in it also as will not use the plastic containers for microwaving. I'm trying to go to all glass. Have a great weekend! Marilyn

  4. you have set me on a search for that purse (handbag to me). I love lots of pockets so I can organise stuff. I wear sunglasses, then need to carry the others for indoors - which tips me over to needing a bigger one sadly.


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