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Friday, April 2, 2021

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If Covid has taught me one thing it is you can buy anything you want online.

Fashion (sort of)

The term fashion is being used loosely here, because after a year spent mainly at home I am not sure what fashion is anymore. One thing I do know is that comfortable pajama pants with pockets are a must. These seem to fit my criteria and the polka dots are pretty sweet. (HERE)


I am the worst person in the world to go shoe shopping with. Ask anyone who has ever tried it with me. I can drive even the most dedicated shopper insane. 

About 20 years ago I found a brand of sandals that I love. They are not sandals for fashion, but they are comfortable, adjustable, and last forever. I bought my second pair about seven years ago and they are still going strong. In the summer I walk in them. I probably would throw them on with a pair of socks in the winter, but no one would be seen with me. Oh well who cares. You can find your own pair (HERE)



This is one of my favorite finds ever. I have arthritis in my hands and trying to open cans was excruciating. (no, all cans don't have those easy pop tops) Also, as someone who has a very small kitchen, I don't have room for one of those countertop openers. Voila, this is so easy and it fits in a drawer. I have had mine for over two years and it still works perfectly. You can find it (HERE)

I love rice and eat quite a bit of it, but I wanted to just put my rice on to cook and know it would come out the way I wanted. For my last birthday my good friend Brenda at Cozy Little House sent me this great rice cooker and as an added bonus it also steams my veggies. Passes the easy, peasy, squeezy test. (I know, but my grandchildren love me anyway) You can love it (HERE). 


Last fall I picked out this garden tote with tools, and my sweet daughter, Katy gave it to me for my birthday. It is so perfect for me. I use the tools inside for my houseplants and this summer I will carry it out to my garden spot. 

Talk about needing something stylish. I was sick of creeping back and forth with my garden tools in a plastic grocery bag. This set has everything I need and I'm pretty sure that if you do any type of gardening you will love it too (HERE).

When I was a child I loved sitting out on my grandparent's front porch in their old metal glider. I can only dream of those days now, but if I close my eyes I can see myself looking out at a beautiful garden while sipping on a glass of cherry Kool-Aid from a colorful metal glass. 

This glider would definitely do the trick (HERE).

I love shopping online. 

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  1. During this past year I have bought many things online, to avoid being out in public. It has become a habit I love, especially ordering my groceries online. I will have to check out that can opener.

  2. I have that opener and love it. So much easier than the crank ones. Have a great Easter. PS: I would be seen with you wearing your socks and sandals in the winter lol! xoxo

  3. I remember those gliders. They were wonderful. I think I may shoes that look almost just like that in my closet somewhere.

  4. Love the sandals.. I need a pair! I need a good solid pair for walking. I bought a few pairs of (expensive) sandals about 10 years ago.. they all have wonderful arch supports and can walk in them forever.. and they are still going strong and can't find any others that I love so much! Love the glider... I used to have a neat glider that my mom gave me but finally had to let it go to be re-loved when we moved from SW Washington. The jammies are sweet.. I could live in them all the time if I let myself! xoxo Marilyn


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