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Monday, March 29, 2021

There were some very mixed reviews on my last maximalist post. (here) Some loved the house with all of its colors and others really didn't like it.

I think that is wonderful. I love your views. I loved the house because it was very bohemian and artistic, but no, it is not the style I choose for my own home. 

Some people have wondered how I can live a simple and serene lifestyle in a small maximalist apartment. For me it is a simple matter of living in a space where I am surrounded by the things I love that gives me a sense of serenity.

When it comes right down to it, isn't that what home means to all of us? Some people seem to love very sparse homes. They feel uncomfortable having many things. I am the opposite. 

If I see a blank wall I want to fill it up. When I go to the garden center I know I can find a space for one more plant. 

Waking up in the morning I am comforted by my serene bedroom and feel ready to take on a new day. 


Sitting in the chair in my living room I love looking over at my blue and white plates and some favorite prints. 

When I go into my kitchen for my morning cup of tea or coffee I see that I have turned my small amount of wall space into useful storage. 


It all seems so simple to me. Make your home a space that you love and you will feel serene. 

If there is one thing I hope we have learned from the last year of self-isolation is that no matter its size, no matter your decorating style, and no matter how much or how little you choose to decorate with, there really is no place like home.

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  1. I always love seeing how someone else decorates their home. Mine is different from room to room. And I love having LOTS of things but they have to be in order. I think you are the same way! Love your pretty bedroom...and there are your sheets just like mine! Hugs!

  2. I find your decor warm and welcoming. It says "home." I hope you continue posting maximalist styles whether over the top or not. I respect that many like minimalism. For me, it's sterile and devoid of character or personality.

  3. I agree totally. If I see a blank wall, I am itching to fill it up!

  4. I think that if we surround ourselves with what we love then we have the perfect decorating. Have a great new week and Happy Easter.

  5. I agree Laura, being surrounded by pieces we have and love makes our house a home.

    We all have to decorate the way that brings us the most joy and peace.

    Life's too short. Enjoy your afternoon.


  6. I used to be just like you, Laura, and wanted something on all my walls and wanted to keep everything I loved. I still have things that I have loved and saved that warm my heart but I have also 'let go' of things that I thought I would keep forever. I have kept things simpler in this house but still have more that a minimalist would find comfortable.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday- xo Diana

  7. I think your home looks welcoming and peaceful. Nothing wrong with being surrounded by things you love, especially when you have everything displayed so nicely. Clutter makes me nuts, so I have to "edit" a lot when I'm playing with vignettes and such...I tend to overdo and then I realize I have to take things away.

  8. Hi Laura. Your apartment looks absolutely lovely. You have done a great job. It's very comfy and classy. Sincerely, Susan

  9. You have a talent for displaying your collections so they look enticing.


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