Friday, March 26, 2021

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There are so many ways to decorate as a maximalist and I have found that incorporating different styles really works well even in small spaces.

While researching maximalist decorating ideas I came across the wonderful home of Lee Alford and Matt McKinnon in Trarargon - Victoria, Australia.

The couple has taken a small plain 856 square foot home and transformed it into a colorful oasis. 

Vintage furniture finds with baskets and wooden objects hung as wall art evokes feelings of the 1970s. I love these similar baskets.


Can there ever be too many plants in any maximalist space? In this area the owners have created a sense of intimacy using plants behind the blue velvet sofa. 

This fabulous wicker fan chair transports me right back to the 1970s. Lee found inspiration from memories of her grandparents home. 


Even the bathroom is a maximalist oasis with macrame plant hangers and a beautiful beaded curtain.


And a relaxing colorful bedroom with a pretty purple throw pillow to end your busy day.


Touring this home has brought back wonderful memories of bell bottoms, halter tops, and dancing to records in my bedroom.


So how do you feel about this vibrant, boho, maximalist style?

{photos from Apartment Therapy}

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  1. Oh Laura, I LOVDE that decor. That house is so happy! Colorful! Inviting! Yep. That's definitely something I could live with. Hope you have a good weekend. Susan

  2. You know I love it! Boho style and lots of house plants!

  3. You know me Laura I am a neutral and light decor kinda gal but I do like the rattan chair. Made me smile I had one in my very first apartment in the late 70's. Happy Friday. xoxo

  4. For me, it is neither simple nor serene. Too much "stuff"; no places for the eyes to rest. No thanks ~

  5. I like more of a pastel pallet, but I do love a pop of color here and there, especially teal blues. and I love lots of plants, but don't think I would like so many bright pictures on my wall! I do use alot of my wall space though, as it's all I have left for putting "stuff" and decorations! I think I like a more serene/calm bedroom though. As a teen, never did use my bedroom for entertaining friends or anything, or playing music, etc. Don't know why, just didn't! Everyone has their different tastes.. and I did enjoy seeing this cute little home. Marilyn

  6. I love it!!
    But. I couldn't live there. Just too much of a good thing.

  7. I enjoyed seeing this even if it would be a little too much for me to live with. However, ironically, it is respite from all the other homes that look so simillar...just a variation on the same old theme. If I had to chose between maximalist and minimalist, I would chose the former.

  8. Lots of Africa in that home. I enjoy the colour and the detail, the textures ... but need some quiet spaces to balance it out.


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