Tuesday, March 23, 2021

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I don't currently have any pets. I really do miss having a little dog and I am allergic to cats, so I have houseplants instead. 

The nice thing about houseplants is they clean the air, they are pretty to look at, and they don't talk back. I do however talk to them and they seem to be happy with that. 

garden journal

I have started a journal to keep track of my indoor plants so that I can see what works for them. I am thinking about using my artistic abilities (of which I have none) to draw pictures of them. 

I am also going to use it to journal my small outdoor garden this year. I know there are apps on my phone to do this, but I guess I am old fashioned and like to pick up a book to see what is going on with my plants.

houseplant pot

I have a very eclectic mix of pots and baskets that I have collected over the years to show off my pretty and sometimes not so pretty plants. Let's be honest here, not every plant thrives.

Although most of my containers have been thrifted or purchased at auction I recently added some new pots to my collection.

Don't you love baskets of plants hanging in front of my windows? My apartments don't allow things to be hung from the ceiling, but a pretty swivel plant hanger on the wall

works perfectly with a double sea grass hanging basket.

Maximalism in a small space means using the things you love, and an eclectic assortment of containers sure adds to a homey feel.

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  1. You certainly have a green thumb, Laura! Have a wonderful week.

  2. Those green pots are so pretty with your plants in them. Also love that sea grass hanging basket. I've never seen one like that.

  3. You have the most beautiful indoor plants. Your air in your home is so clean with the plants. Beautiful. Have a great week Laura. xoxo


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