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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

I often wish I had more places to display my treasures, but living in a small apartment definitely limits me. Last week I shared my old pine cupboard where I have my china and other pieces I have either inherited or collected over the years. If you missed that you can see it here

A couple of years ago I bought a hanging plate rack at a yard sale, which I stored in a closet until I moved into this apartment. 

I was excited to be able to hang it in my dining area here, and I have changed up what I display on it a couple of times in the last year. 

This is how it looked as of last week. I had done a couple of tweaks over the winter, but it stayed primarily the same. 

And this is my little drop leaf dining table over which the plate rack hangs.

As you can tell, I had them decorated for winter and I am needless to say so over winter.

Also, I wanted to display some of my blue and white transferware plates again.

I love blue and white china, and I have been collecting the plates for over 40 years. Occasionally I sell one, if I have duplicates, and I have gifted some to my daughters, but they are the one thing I really hold on to. 

The two small fruit prints that were hanging next to the rack have been replaced with a couple of my smaller plates for a more cohesive look. 

Don't you just love that little Bybee pottery chicken creamer.

I did decide to keep the basket and the little whisk broom to give it a bit of a farmhouse look.

And of course I had to change up the table top where I am now using this pretty blue and white serving bowl. It is actually for sale in my Etsy shop, but when it sells I'll replace it with something else. 

All in all I'm pretty satisfied for now, but who knows when the redo bug will hit again.


  1. Pretty changes Laura. You have many pretty treasures and the blue and white are beauties.

    Enjoy your day!


  2. That does look cheery. I love that table. I would put a bouquet of yellow flowers in the basket. I love mixing those plate colors with yellow. I hope it all makes it feel more like spring Laura. It's so close now. I am praying we do not a wintery set back here in Indiana. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Oh I love blue and white! It's so fresh and pretty any time of year. I've been changing things up a bit since my Spring cleaning spree. I don't like as many small items out now it seems. But I sure hate to get rid of pretty things I've collected over the years! Your new home is lovely!

  4. Love the blue and whites. This is the perfect little plate rack. Very cute.

  5. LOVE the transferware! I bought a brown and white transferware platter at an estate sale when I first moved to Tulsa. Unfortunately I broke it. I was heartbroken. Maybe one day I'll come across some again. I love the plate rack too!

  6. You have some beautiful pieces, Laura...loving your plate rack! I have a black one, that I haven't used in awhile...maybe I just need to paint it!

  7. I think everyone likes the blue and white. I especially like that little chicken!

  8. Very pretty "spring" update. I too love blue and white transferware and china. I have a teacup rack that is similar that displays all of my china teacups. I would love one for plates. I've been a little in the mood to do some spring updates.. I'm wanting less clutter and more of a clean look, so I may be rearranging some things and maybe even let go of a few things that take up so much space... have hung some light aqua curtains instead of my flowered drapes and what a difference! The warmer weather sure does bring on a little more motivation to rearrange and redo! Marilyn


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