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Friday, March 6, 2020

When I woke up this morning I once again heard the rain beating against my bedroom window. The rain in Atlanta is out of hand. As of Wednesday night we were already 10" above normal and it rained all day Thursday. Enough already!!

I was so ready for sunny spring days that I began to pull apart my small dining room decor. I realized though that it was going to take me more than one day to figure out what I wanted to do, so I decided to throw open the doors of my old pine cover and give you a look inside. 

I have had this cupboard for about 35 years and have almost always had the doors open. The small apartment I live in now just doesn't have room for me to do that, so they have remained closed except for dusting or when I need something out of there. 

I do miss having them open because I love to look at my treasures, and I guess when it is only me here and no one needs to sit in the chair that sits beside it I could do that. We'll see.

I have so many lovely things. Treasures from my grandmother, 

(My Grandmother's silver ladle)

(Her blue glass and silver set)

the Royal Doulton china that my father gave to my mother on one of their anniversaries many years ago, 

some of my white ironstone pieces, and glassware.

Thank goodness for the bottom of the cupboard, that has wooden doors, because it provides overflowing space for other pieces that I rotate in and out.

Many older women seem horrified that I still have so much, and although I have given many things to my daughters, I still love the things I have. 

Seeing them brings me comfort, and in these turbulent times comfort is a good thing. 


  1. Now in that small an apartment, you can't have "too much!" I wish I had a family heirloom, a quilt from my Granny, something. But I was not so lucky. I'm very glad you were. Because I can look at yours in the photos you post.

  2. You have done your mothers heirlooms proud. They look beautiful in the cabinet. How wonderful to have all these wonderful treasures and memories to go with. Happy Friday.

  3. I am not horrified at all, Laura. I love my 'things', too, and have had a hard time parting with some of them. I know I am going to have to downsize some stuff when I make the move this time. xo Diana

  4. You have pretty family pieces. I think it's important to cherish what's been handed down.

    Hope you get sunnier days soon!


  5. Oh Laura, I couldn't agree with you more when it comes to surrounding one's self with beautiful things. I have WAYYYYY too many but still find them comforting in these turbulent times. I have started to de-clutter and give some away BUT NOT ALL. Nope. Gonna keep some for myself. Your pine cabinet and treasures look lovely. Susan

  6. Such lovely things, Laura. It's no wonder you love to look at them! Hope you see the sun soon!

  7. I love your beautiful cabinet, Laura...and such family treasures! You are blessed!


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