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Friday, March 13, 2020

I am trying hard to follow the CDC recommendations to stay at home as much as possible, but sometimes I have a hard time following directions. 

I am actually fine most of the time staying at home, but the rebel in me doesn't like to be told what to do. This has led me to try and control the urge to misbehave by coming up with activities for the time I am stuck confined at home. 

So in my ever so nice way I thought I would share my list with you. 

  • Eat (not really helping my weight loss plan)
  • Search You Tube for exercises to combat failed diet. (started watching the videos, which was fun, but not really helpful when you don't participate)
  • Watch my favorite basketball team play in their tournament this weekend (oops tournament cancelled)
  • Eat popcorn I made to eat while watching game (seems to be a trend here)
  • Overturn everything in my apartment looking for my reading glasses (they were on the table next to me)
  • clean up mess I made looking for my glasses
  • After cleaning up the mess, overturn everything again looking for my cell phone (seriously, Laura?)
  • Think about baking some gluten free muffins. Go into kitchen to pull out ingredients. Grab purse and head out the door to the gluten free bakery (okay, that was a big fail)
  • Eat (I swear I only ate one of the muffins I bought) 
  • Look in mirror (is my nose growing?)
  • Spend endless hours looking at photos on Instagram (I might now be permanently cross eyed)
  • Spring clean (nah...who wants to do that)

And guess what , just like that the day is over and I have accomplished so much nothing. But I did get to eat. 

What are you doing while staying at home during the pandemic?

P.S. Don't be a rebel. Please follow all CDC recommendations that apply to you. Let's beat this thing.


  1. Ohio schools state mandated closed for 3 weeks. Museums and rec centers closed. I have bad upper respiratory problems just now so scare others if I cough. 11 year old ADHD grandson lives with me. I started a list for our extended home bound time. Eating and cooking are on my list too - as is exercise. Prayers for all the young parents who are now faced with impossible circumstances. At least I am retired!

  2. My usual. I don't go out all that much anyway. So it's no biggie for me.

  3. My kids are home from school- colleges all closed and doing online coursework - and my husband is working from home, as well. So I am spending my days at the sink, washing the dishes as everyone eats their way though our stockpile of food. Stay healthy!

  4. That was so funny! I got a good laugh! EAT is what I do most when I stay home alot (which is most of the time anyway!). I'm pretty much a homebody. Hubby and I have gone out for a couple of little drives out in the country - I think that is "permitted" right? We did go to the store but are careful to walk in the aisles where no people.. of course you have to go to the checkout. I hold my breath. Does that count???!! I think we can still get outside and go for walks (which I do now and then) and there's always yardwork - yuk. We've had some nice days so I should get out and start on that. Mostly I do stay home, so it's no big deal for me. But that eating.. oh that eating... and baking... I only eat gluten free, so I've been doing a little more baking - muffins, yes! cookies, yes! coffee cake, yes! I guess I could watch a YouTube video to do some exercise, but no, I don't do that. Good luck! Oh.. I do read too so have been spending more time doing that. Us retired people can stay in, but what about all those who have to go to their jobs? Very sad. Marilyn


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