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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

I have decided that since I may live the rest of my life in this small apartment I want to make it as comfortable as I can.

Saturday I decided to get a start on that by finding a new place for my record player.

record player and records

I love listening to my old vinyl records and wrote about it here.

I actually have two record players, but the one I listen to the most is the one pictured above and it has been in a somewhat awkward corner of my dining area.

It was difficult to sort through the records to choose what I wanted to listen to.

Finding the right spot proved to be more difficult than I thought it would be and I actually lugged that heavy record player into four places before I found the perfect one. 

record player

I had to move out all of the records and set the record player aside in order to move it. 

The table itself is very light so that was the easiest part.

I also had to move things out of the places that I thought I might want the record player to be.

Once I set the record player on the table on the first three places I realized they wouldn't work. 

Yikes, I can remember when I could move heavy furniture around. 

record player in living room

Once I pushed the settee back about six inches I had the perfect place. 

Now it is close to my chair and I can sit on the settee to sort through the records. 

I am very happy with it.

record player in living room

Of course, moving the record player led to other things being relocated and I will share those later. 

I think the problem with your comments not being sent to my email has been resolved and I can once again answer them. 

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  1. Love it. I love the sound of vinyl records as they play on record players. Brings back so many memories. Hugs. Kris

  2. I had the same challenge when I got my record player this year. I wanted the records to be below it. So the shelves that had cookbooks got rearranged. Record player on top, records in some of the cubbies below. Cookbooks in another bookcase! WHEW! I am in a Spring cleaning mood and filled a box of stuff to donate this morning. I'm doing this every day. How much junk do I have stashed away? Don't answer that! haha! Hugs!

  3. I'm glad you found the perfect spot and can enjoy your record player in comfort! Keep enjoying those tunes that bring a lovely song to your heart.

  4. My daughter recently received a record player as a gift and it's fun to listen to music that way again. Lots of memories on that turntable!!

  5. I enjoy a record player! I think records have a great sound and I also love the nostalgia of it all.


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