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Friday, March 24, 2023

I have two record players in my small apartment. 

Yes, you heard me correctly. I have two.

There is one in my dining area and one in my bedroom. 

record player

I was thinking that I was hopelessly old school until I heard that young people are now into vinyl.

Yes, I listen to music on my phone when I am walking and occasionally listen to iTunes or Amazon music on my TV, but there is just something about records that I love. 

This is the record player in my bedroom.

I set a record on top of the player, but I don't think she is happy with my choice.

oil painting of girl and record player

Don't even ask that houseplant what it thinks because it seems to have given up.

I have a very nice collection of old records.

This is approximately half of my collection.

record collection

I inherited my mom's collection so I have some great records from the 40s and fifties.

I can remember her listening to them on their fancy stereo in the living room. 

We were forbidden from touching that stereo so I listened to my Beatles records on my little record player upstairs in my room.

I don't have a fancy stereo, but my Beatles records have survived and sound great on my player.

record player

When I hear those old songs I am transported back to my bedroom in the small Canadian town where I grew up.

I can smell dinner cooking, the snow is falling, and I'm talking on my princess phone to one of my two best friends.

Those records may have a few scratches here and there, but then so do I. 

I might not rock around the clock like I used to, but there is nothing better than dancing around the apartment while dinner is cooking. 

Record players on Amazon

Oldies records on Amazon

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  1. That's what my hubby gave me for my birthday this year...a Victrola record player. And everyone I mention it to has a story to tell and someone who listens to their records every day. We have our old 45s and a few albums. I want to try to collect some more albums but I'm not 'thrifting' right now. Love this post! Hugs!

  2. Ohhhhh this is so awesome Laura. I remember listening to my 45's on my little record player in my room too. We had a big fancy record radio piece in our living room that we kids were never to touch too. My mom and dad loved their stereo player too. Great memories. My granddaughter now is into the vinyl records too. What goes around comes around as they say! Happy Friday. Enjoy listening to the Beatles. Hugs. Kris

  3. How oh wonderful! I-tunes and such are handy in that you purchase only what you want, but I find them more of a hassle! Downloading, saving, making sure your info transfers from phone to phone, doesn't connect, loss of purchased songs, or the random playset plays the same ones over and over. It's just seems there is always an issue, rather than just enjoying the physical aspect of a record or a cd!!! While I don't have vinyl, I do have cd's but I can't find a decent player anymore that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Sigh. I don't want them in my ears! I want the music to flow in my home.

  4. Oh, I remember my small white record player that I loved so much as a pre-teen. I loved to go to the mall to buy 45 rpm records. Enjoy your record players. By the way I dance through my home, too. LOL

  5. I think it's great that you collect records, Laura. Believe it or not, I have a cassette tape player and endless cassettes. I think it's okay to be old-fashioned at times. Who cares what anyone thinks? hee hee Hope you have a lovely week.

  6. I just caught up on all of your posts, Laura, but didn't want to drive you crazy leaving comments on each one. I enjoyed looking at all of your featured spaces, the story of how you grew up (the boarding school sounds fascinating!), how you later craved a simpler life, your beautiful bed (the piece your great aunt crocheted is gorgeous), and your record player (I had one in my bedroom, too, that I listened to endlessly). Enjoy the warmer weather!

  7. My high school graduation gift from my parents was a record player! They had so many old records and a nice stereo in their living room also. I loved having my own! I still have quite a collection of records from the 60's and 70's mostly.. ones I bought when there was nothing else to listen on, other than 8 tracks in a car or a casette player! I have almost all of the Beattles Albums. Some are quite the collectible. I never listen to mine anymore as I have no record player, but sometimes I just get them out and at them. I've always meant to have them put onto CD's but never have...... Marilyn


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