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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

How is the weather where you are?

After an unseasonably warm February here in Atlanta things have cooled off a bit.

However, as much as I hate having winter in March, the highs are still in the fifties and low sixties.


Last Thursday when I was driving across the city to spend the afternoon with Cary and my granddaughters I couldn't believe how beautiful everything was.

It was like a painting of purple wisteria, pink and white trees, colorful tulips, and green spring trees. 

I would have loved to take some photos, but unfortunately, it was a rainy afternoon.

This week I decided to feature some spaces with spring flowers. 

Even if it isn't quite spring where you are flowers indoors can certainly make it feel like spring has arrived. 

Featured Spaces

Nothing says spring more than yellow daffodils.

Isabelle from merryfieldpottingshed has added a beautiful bouquet of daffodils to her victorian cottage in the English countryside.

daffodils and floral curtains in an English cottage

What could be more wonderful in your spring home than a large basket of tulips and a pitcher of pink tree blossoms?

Margyl has this gorgeous room and more spring ideas at theoldhouseonmain

spring tulips in a large basket

You may still need a warm fire for the chilly days where you are, but adding a bouquet of pink and white tulips as toni_marianna has makes for a lovely transition to spring.

pink and white tulips in a cottage living room.

Ania at mojeaniutkowo has added some pink flowers in a rustic pot to her spring bed for a simple spring look.

spring cottage bed

Francesca at francescagentilli has created this gorgeous living room set off by these unique potted tulips.

living room with potted tulips

What I Am Up To

Since I let my medical appointments slide last year I have been catching up. 

So far so good with the results although I am going to go for a little PT on my left knee as I have once again strained the tendon. At least the x-rays show that my ten-year-old knee replacements are holding strong. 

It was interesting to find out that I have the hearing of a twenty-year-old. Tomorrow I go for my eye exam. Before the pandemic, I still had 20/20 vision. We will see how much that has changed. 

Next month it is the skin cancer screening. 

Aaah the life of getting older. So exciting.

I have been working on my needlepoint. I really had forgotten how much I enjoy it.

needlepoint project

Having the organizer for my embroidery floss has really been a time saver. 

When I eventually get finished with this project I am going to drag out my sewing machine and turn this one and another one I completed a couple of years ago into pillows.

Finally finished the Paris puzzle. I really hated to take it down, but as I borrowed it from Cary I had to return it so she can work on it.

paris puzzle

This is my next puzzle. Yes, I know it is a fall theme, but by the time I get finished, it might be fall. Ha!!

featured spaces and more blog post

Have a great day and I would love for you to check out my Etsy shop where I sell vintage and antique finds along with digital downloads of beautiful antique artwork.

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  1. Good Morning Laura. So happy all your medical appointments are going well. That is good news. Ha Ha yep getting older is not for sissies. My mom use to say going to all the doctors appointments was her social life lol! Hope you continue to get good results. Have a great rest of the week. Hugs Kris

  2. It's nice to have some relaxing things to do. It's beautiful here and I'll be on the trails this afternoon...I hope! Hugs, Diane

  3. Beautiful puzzles! I have a couple of sewing related puzzles to do ... someday! LOL I'm glad you're finding joy in your needle and thread again.

  4. I used to be a huge puzzle junkie. I haven't done one in years, but I love the ones you have...might need to pick that habit up again!!

  5. Pretty spring colored flowers look so nice in a home during these gray days of March. Where I live, March definitely comes in like a lion! Needlepoint is something I used to enjoy too. Just don't see it around anymore, so suppose it has to be purchased online now. Yours will be so pretty! I'm doing all the medical tests far so good, except my upper back is still giving me problems. Take care....Marilyn


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