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Friday, March 17, 2023

Every morning one of the first things I do is make my bed.

I love smoothing out my pretty sheets in preparation for the night ahead.

I use two sets of these sheets almost exclusively because they remind me of my younger years.

They have such a wonderful vintage cottage look.

floral bed sheets.

I purchased my first set from Amazon several years ago and love them so much that I bought a second set.

I think they have held up better than any sheets I have ever had.

You might have noticed my antique iron bed frame.

About nine years ago I went to an auction and there it was. I held my breath when it went up for auction and then while no one bid on it. 

The auctioneer refused to take less than $50.

antique white iron bed

The next week I offered him $25 and he accepted. I quickly hauled that heavy bed out of there and loaded it into my van.

Over the years I have added pretty pieces to my bed.

A white 18" ruffled bed skirt covers the area under the bed that I use for extra storage.

white 18" ruffled bed skirt

There is a white matelasse coverlet. I couldn't find the exact one I have, but this one from Amazon is very similar.

matelasse white coverlet

The throw pillow came from the thrift store at a hefty price of $3.

blue throw pillow

I believe I got the duvet at Ikea. I'm looking for a new duvet cover for it and the body pillow, which came from Amazon stays at the bottom of the bed during the day.

duvet and body pillow

Now for the finishing touches.

I just have to add this wonderful antique quilt I got from Katy

antique quilt

and this amazing bed cover that my great aunt Rose crocheted.

antique hand crochet bed cover

 Feeling pretty cozy.

cottage bed

cottage bed

Time for a muffin and a cup of tea.

Have a great day and I would love for you to check out my Etsy shop where I sell vintage and antique finds along with digital downloads of beautiful antique artwork.

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  1. Your bed is gorgeous and I love that antique quilt! I had those same sheets and they are so smooth and soft. I am loving some brightly colored sheets now that Pioneer Woman designed. I love a pretty bed and bedroom. I added a link to my post today...we are featured in a magazine this month! It's going to my head! hahahaha! Enjoy your day!

  2. I love love the iron bed frame. Gorgeous. All your bedding with family ties attached is awesome. It looks so pretty. Hugs. Kris

  3. Oh my! What a beautiful and cozy bed! Love the bedframe, and each blanket and quilt. The antique pillow is stunning, and the quilt from Katy such a treasure! My mom always loved the cotton percale sheets and I do too. Regular cotton sheets just seem too stiff and crinkly, no matter how much I wash them. Your sheets are the kind I love and am going to check them out. Have a great weekend! Hugs.....Marilyn

  4. I love your oh so girly bedroom. I fell in love with your antique hexagon quilt the first time I saw it. I, too, have an iron bed and I love it. Mine is bronze in color.

  5. What a pretty bed and such dainty bedding! I love it all, and I make my bed every day too. It just makes me smile to walk by and see it all made up!!


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