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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Some days it feels like my kitchen just keeps getting smaller. 

Take my word for the fact that if it actually gets any smaller I will not be able to squeeze in or cook.

small gallery kitchen

Mine is not a fancy kitchen like the ones I ooh and aah over on Instagram..

It's a kitchen where refrigerator art, courtesy of my grandaughter Tessa, just keeps on giving every time I open the refrigerator door and glitter floats down to the floor.

child's refrigerator art

It's a kitchen where I really do like to be able to cook some healthy meals like my favorite eggplant tomato casserole.

I continuously work on organizing it in the best way I can so that it works for me.

small kitchen organization

Having paper towels on the counter just took up too much space, so I recently purchased this magnetic paper towel holder.

magnetic paper towel holder

To replace the Brita water pitcher I managed to knock off the counter and break a few months ago I bought this slim new Brita.

Brita water filter

You may have noticed the glass storage jars. Mine are vintage, but I found some similar one on Amazon.

glass kitchen storage jars

One thing I do love about my kitchen is the wall space at one end. 

I have been able to utilize it by hanging some of the things I use most.

wall hanging kitchen bars with hooks

These bars are similar to the ones that I have.

kitchen hanging bars with hooks

As you can see there just isn't a lot of space and no natural light.

small galley kitchen

These are some of the other things I have purchased to help get me organized and to free up some space.

I love this. I use it when I need extra counter space. 

I place my cutting board on top and when I am finished it rolls up and gets tucked away in the cupboard.

roll up drainer

Cutlery drainer.

cutlery drainer

Perfect-sized microwave.


Single-serve coffee maker

single serve coffee maker

Pop in the drawer can opener.

kitchen mama can opener

Well, I am now looking for ways to organize under my sink.

Right now everything falls out when I open the door. 

Maybe you have some suggestions.

my small kitchen organization

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  1. It is always good to make every inch count in small spaces. These are some great finds to help in a small kitchen area. Happy New Week Laura. xoxo Kris

  2. I have a much smaller kitchen than I have ever had and it does take some getting used to as to where to put things; what you need and what you can get by without. Good luck with the under sink organization. While you have everything out, try putting some press and seal flooring tiles on the bottom of your cabinet. I always do that in all my cabinets now and it makes it so easy to clean and looks nice and bright. I bought off white marbleized ones from Home Depot. xo Diana

  3. Good job on finding things to add some storage! My kitchen is pretty small but not as small as yours! I love your skinny water pitcher. And love hanging those hooks on the walls. I just redid under my kitchen sink... the wood was all rotted, so had new wood put under, and I sanded it stained it and put 2 coats of varnish on it to protect it. It feels so clean now! I threw away at least 1/2 of what I had under there! I put one of those plate rack things on legs, so you can put things under it plus on top.. and had one of those wood crates you get at the craft stores, and put it on its side, so there is stuff on top and stuff in the cubby inside. I did that out of necessity as only had one rack and was in a hurry to put everything back! It is so nice now, has some clear space even! and I used a wicker basket with dividers in it to put my little sponges, steel wool, small things, etc. and that is on the top of my rack. I love it. I know alot of people put sliding out drawers under their sinks. In my bathrooms, both sinks have those plastic drawers under them.. so 3 drawers under each sink which is so handy. My vanities are small and no drawers in one of them. Have fun! Marilyn

  4. Your kitchen looks to be about the same size as mine in Florida. It's definitely a challenge to keep the counters from being overloaded. I don't have much wall space at all, as it's open on both ends. I recently red about a shelf you can put over the top of your stovetop so there's no gap between it and the wall, and it's handy for storing spice jars, etc. I'm going to see if it works in my kitchen, as I need every inch I can get!


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