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Friday, September 23, 2022

As many of you know I have been battling trigeminal neuralgia since it relapsed in March. 

A couple of months ago I was able to get an appointment with a great neurologist and started on a medication called oxcarbazepine.

Oxcarbazepine is great, but I had to up the dosage several times and that has resulted in increased side effects. 

fog off a dock

Along with mood changes, and twitching, one of the side effects is brain fog, which has slowed me down. 

Wednesday I went to see a pain specialist who recommended I try different prescription medications.

He also told me about an over-the-counter cream to try in case my nerve is inflamed. 

I thought that sounded like a good plan rather than having a needle stuck in my cheek and numbing medication injected, which would go up to my brain. 

I feel like my brain may be numb enough on its own. 

my brain has too many tabs open

The injection will only happen if I can't tolerate other medications.

As you may have noticed I didn't write my normal Simple Pleasures Friday post.

I have spent a lot more time this past week helping Katy, as Cary and her family had a flu bug and so she had to keep away from Katy. 

That and the brain fog have slowed me down. 

tree in fog

I do have one funny story.

On my way back from the pain doctor I sort of had to drive by Trader Joe's.

I decided to run in (okay there was no running involved) and pick up three things.

Thirty minutes later I came out with $84 dollars of groceries and managed to forget two of the three things I went in for. 

I am blaming it on the brain fog. 


  1. Brain Fog is the worse and so many medications give you that side effect. While medications are great and help with one problem they can sometimes cause other problems. UGH!!! I hope the OTC cream and other medications will do a better job for you without a lot of side effects. Prayers please for Terry he is in the hospital with a blockage. Geez could one of us catch a break of late. Heading to the hospital soon. Take good care and have a Good Friday. xoxo Kris

  2. Oh that old brain fog... it's awful and I hate it. I'm so sorry you dealing with it and the pain. Years ago, I think that's what I had.. as I had such pain in my face by my ear I could hardly stand it. I went to doc thinking it was an ear infection, but no, he said there was none. I dealt with that pain for a good year, trying different things. The ONE HUGE THING that worked for me were magnets! Yes.. magnets. I was a Niken distributor at the time and everyone just gushed about how well the magnets worked for different things, such as pain, joints, arthritis, back pain, etc. I bought 10 little tiny gold magnets that were very strong, and would tape them all around my ear, front and back, and voila.. the pain would go away! I also used a bigger magnet if needed. I lived in those things.. only took them off to shower, and then put them back on right away. If I took them off for more than a few hours, the pain would come back. I looked at those tiny magnets as a real miracle! I think you can still get them through Niken. It sure wouldn't hurt to try them. I've used magnets for 20 years for pain.. also had a big magnetic back belt that I wore many times when my back pain was so bad. I still use the litlte gold ones for various things, and once in awhile, that ear pain will come back and on go the magnets again! Never took any medication or pain meds. They are also great for toothaches, headaches, bad feet (I have some I put in my shoes) and I swear by them. I can send you a link if you would like. Just let me know. Hope you find relief from the fog and pain. xoxo Marilyn

  3. Ugh, I'm so sorry, Laura, I know how frustrating that brain fog can be. I had it a few years ago, and they told me it was menopause. Turns out it was a slow thyroid. Thankfully mine was an easy fix...but every now and then it rears its ugly head and I do not like it. Feel good!

  4. So sorry - one of life's most difficult situations is to live with constant pain. I have a friend who was an avid biker and fell off her bike onto her face and head. Took time, patience and fortitude to eliminate her pain entirely. Be kind to yourself and indulge in anything that gives you comfort and pleasure while waiting for solutions.

  5. I had a good chuckle at your Trader Joe's story, as I've done that many (every?) time. I hope you find relief from the other medications, and that your brain fog lifts soon.


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