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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

I love the cooler mornings we are having. 

Yesterday it was in the sixties, and when I went outside it felt wonderful.

It is the perfect temperature for walking or just hanging out with a cup of tea. 

leaves turning gold

As I looked up at the clear blue sky I noticed that the upper levels of the trees were turning gold.

It brought back a memory of a book I had in the 1970s called Leaves Of Gold.

Somehow over the years that book disappeared, but I remember the beautiful poems, prose, prayers, and sayings that were in the book.

leaves of gold book

Apparently the book can still be purchased.

Seeing the first gold leaves of autumn also reminds me of a poem by Robert Frost.

Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost

Gold is fleeting.

But we must enjoy it in the moment.

For the leaves will turn gold and then they will fall away. 

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Just as we can only enjoy each moment that we have.


  1. Today here in Illinois it is going to be very hot in the 90's. We were having more fall like weather and now this burst of summer trying to hold on. Our leaves are slowly beginning to show change. Just has to get cooler. Wishing you a great week Laura. xoxo Kris

  2. I do so love when the leaves start changing. It seems to happen overnight! I love the reds, golds and oranges..... I used to live in a wetter climate, and when I drove along the river to my house, the colors were just amazing.... everything was so bright! Here in central Oregon, in the drier climate, the colors are much dimmer, and they turn and then quickly fall off, because it is so dry! But there is maybe a week or two of fleeting colors, and then they are gone. I enjoy every minute of it! Marilyn

  3. Happy fall! It's still hot here today and we're having thunderstorms. I guess fall is trying to elbow its way in and summer doesn't want to go...which is fine with me!! Hahaha!!

  4. Beautiful poem! The leaves are still green here in NJ. We've got a few weeks to go before "the gold!"


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