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Friday, May 6, 2022

Simple Pleasures #38

We all have a unique gift, and many of us wander through life wondering what it is.

Many people never realize they have a unique gift, a gift that is deeply ingrained in who they are, and makes who they are special.

So how do we find our gift and what do we do when we have found it? 

I believe that in order to find our unique gift we have to take the time to search deep within ourselves. 

We need to listen to what makes us feel truly happy. 

I remember my late mom asking me if I didn't think that I had a gift and a purpose to help others. 

Although I think I have fought this idea (possibly through ego) I think it is something I need to cultivate more. 

giving hands

I realize that by helping others I am giving my gift away. 

What could be better than that?

Have you found what your unique gift is, and if you have how are you giving it away? 

I found this article on the top ten ways to discover your unique gift. 

It just might help you discover yours. 

Simple Inspiration

the meaning of life quote

Lovely Reads

reading and tea

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vase of pink roses

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Gluten-Free Cooking

I don't think I could call myself a southerner if I didn't love fried chicken.

Although I have lived "all over" I am originally from the south, live in the south now, and had a very southern mama.

My mother made the best fried chicken. I still dream about it.

These days, however, fried foods and I don't really get along and also I am gluten-free.

After a recent craving I came across this recipe for gluten-free baked "fried" chicken.

Yes please.

gluten-free baked fried chicken

This is guaranteed to make the whole family happy. 

Even crazy Uncle Joe who turns up his nose at anything gluten-free will never know the difference and I won't tell him.

Add some potato salad and fresh green beans with tomatoes and green onions, and you will have the perfect summer meal.

Catching Up

Some past posts you may enjoy reading.

Currently In My Etsy Shop

I have been very busy over the last six months teaching myself how to turn my vintage and antique prints into instant art.

Redoute bouquet of flowers printable

This old mature brain has really taken a beating, but I learned, made mistakes, and have now perfected it.

I currently have over 200 printables in the shop and they are on sale at 30% off.

antique mother and child sketch

The wonderful thing about printables is that they can be downloaded instantly. I'm all for instant gratification.

Don't for a minute think that I stopped sourcing and selling vintage and collectibles. 

Vintage divided plate | red willow, |made in Japan transferware
There are more than 200 of those in the shop as well.


Now that warm weather is here or maybe just sneaking in where you are, it's time to start thinking about outdoor living.

Not everyone has a big backyard to dry clothes, but there is nothing like the fresh smell of laundry that is dried out in the sun.


  1. I think Picasso said it best. Wishing you a beautiful weekend and a great Mom's Day. Enjoy.

  2. I don't know that I can label a "unique" gift that I have, but I'm going to set aside some time later to come back and click on some of the links you included. I'm also going to check out your printables!

  3. The hummingbirds are so pretty and I love those candles. I spend time thinking about what makes me happy. I don't mean it in a selfish way but rather that I want to spend my time wisely. Helping others is important and sometimes that means with kind words and encouragement. Thanks for your thoughtful posts. Enjoy your day!

  4. I really loved the questions asked in the 10 Ways to Discover Your Gift... I'm past 70 now and still wondering what my true "gift" is! Also loved the 100 Ways to Have a Love Affair with Life.. I've printed both out.. and will especially do some deep thinking on the 10 ways to Discover my gift! I'm doing now what I loved doing as a child, so that says alot to me.. and I DO get lost in it for hours on end, which is another sign that I'm doing "good". Your posts are very thought provoking! Have a happy weekend! Marilyn

  5. Love this post so much, Laura! It always makes me think and I leave here completely inspired by the links and the photos you share. I can't wait to dive into them all! Hope your Mother's Day was a blessed one. Big hugs, CoCo


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