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Friday, March 25, 2022

Simple Pleasures #33

Spring officially arrived this week.


Getting outside and enjoying it is something I am doing as much as possible and when I am inside I have my windows open.


I love listening to the sounds of spring. 

The birds seem so happy, people are mowing their lawns, and neighbors are laughing.

We spend so much time behind closed windows and doors, and I am as guilty as the next person.

spring tree in bloom


Simple Inspiration

sounds of nature

Lovely Reads

farmhouse spring porch

planning a spring vegetable garden

bulbs to plant in spring

decorate with faux Easter eggs

Gluten-Free Recipe Of The Week

My mind has definitely been on Chinese food lately and I love it when  I come across a recipe like this Lo Mein that is gluten-free.

GF lo mein

I love that it is simple and quick and if I toss in some chicken and veggies I have a well balanced meal. 



  1. Great shopping ideas. We are getting closer to spring here. Just Old Man Winter will not quite let go of us yet.
    Happy Friday. Have a good weekend. xoxo Kris

  2. This post makes me want to go to the beach for a little R&R and a few deep breaths and then shopping!! Sounds like a perfect spring weekend. Enjoy yours!! xo

  3. Oh yes.. the sounds of spring and being amidst nature... is so lovely this time of year! I love hearing the birds sing and have heard a few lately though not much flowering out here yet. That huge pink flowering tree is gorgeous!!! I miss all of that from when I lived in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA. Spring there was glorioius!... also at the coast in Oregon! A walk through the woods this time of year would be so wonderful.. I wish I could.. if there were any woods near!! We've had some warmer days which are nice and it's starting to get me in the mood for flowers and gardening! I'm thankful for that.. that I still feel like doing it. Hugs.. Marilyn


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