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Friday, March 18, 2022

Simple Pleasures #32

Don't you just love spring?

I do.

It seems like the whole world is pink.

pink azaleas

The azaleas are blooming and the trees are full of pink blossoms.

I remember my father painting my room pink when I was a little girl because it was a time when pink was for girls and blue was for boys. 

Times have changed.

I am more of a blue lover these days, but I absolutely love the pinks of spring.

cherry blossoms

Daylight saving time is back, which means longer days to enjoy all of that pink before it disappears.

Apparently, this may be the last year that we have to spring forward as we may be keeping daylight saving time year-round. 

That will make me very happy as I hate when the light ends so early in the winter. 

So bring on the pink and bring on the daylight.

Simple Inspiration

anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink

Lovely Reads

Gluten-Free Recipe Of The Week

Tessa and I love strawberries and we are both happy that strawberry season is quickly approaching here in Georgia.

Yes I know we can get strawberries year-round, but those underripe strawberries that are shipped across the country in the winter just don't cut it with us. 

What could be better than a strawberry cake to celebrate the season, and it fits right in with the pink theme.

gluten-free strawberry cake

I love that this recipe does not rely on any artificial flavoring or coloring.

Strawberry puree is what gives it an amazing strawberry flavor. 

Now, who can I con into baking this for me?

Catching Up

stack of books and a rose

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What I'm Watching

Looking for something funny to watch and I came across a show called Rev

It's on BritBox and I was laughing so hard sitting alone in my bedroom the other night I was afraid my new neighbor was going to start banging on the wall.

It's a bit raunchy so only for adults.

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pretty in pink world

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  1. Pink is such a sweet and pretty color. Love all your inspiration in pink. Happy Friday. Have a nice weekend. xoxo Kris

  2. Oh you pulled at my heartstrings with all the pink! It's my most FAVE color.. ever since I was young I loved pink.. and soft greens along with it. I even knitted me a pink sweater once when I was in my late teens. Pink everything. Funny now that I don't really have many pink clothes as for quite a few years, it just was not IN for clothing. This year I see lots of pink in clothing, shoes, bags, etc. When I moved here 6 years ago, my/our bedroom even got painted a nice soft pink. I still love it. It is so warm and cozy and surrounds me with a softness every night before I go to bed. OOh.. I'd love me some pink sunglasses.. and want some pink tennis shoes/walking shoes that are so popular this year! I have a crabapple tree in my front yard that will blooming in April for two glorious weeks of bright pink flowers.. and then they'll go and be gone for another year. Thank you for the lovely "pink" inspirations! xoxo Marilyn

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  4. It's nice to know that spring is blooming somewhere! I'm still in Florida, and hope I get home just in time for the pretty pinks. Love those sunglasses!

  5. Pink is totally my jam so you know I am LOVING this post, Laura! It's definitely such a special time of year with all the sweet pops of cotton candy pink showing up in so many different blooms. It's a blessing to be able to celebrate it all! Hope you get some good strawberries soon. I feel the same way about tomatoes - they just do not taste the same. Hugs, CoCo


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