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Friday, September 17, 2021

Simple Pleasures #7

Well, this week I am combining Simple Pleasures and Saturday Shopping into one post because just as I got ready to finish my Simple Pleasures post blogger wiped the entire thing out.

It literally takes hours to write one of these posts, so needless to say I was not a happy camper. 

I know that many of us are staying at home more again and it can be difficult to self-isolate. 

bird print

Cooler weather is on the horizon, which means we will be staying at home even more and so we will be looking at ways once again to keep ourselves busy. 

I have spent the last week learning how to make printables from my collection of vintage prints to add to my Etsy shop. Who knew there was so much to learn. At times I was convinced my head was about to explode, but I have finally been able to start listing some. 

framed flowers

Simple Inspiration

As I was learning new things this week I wondered how old is too old to keep learning and it made me think of this quote.

always keep learning

And at times when I have felt adrift from the world, I have realized that I am not alone.

Lovely Reads I Found This Week

When you live in a small home or apartment it can be difficult to come up with new ideas for your space, so I was excited to find these 18 fresh ideas.

Looking for a quick update for your mantel? Check out this post on a five minute fall mantle.

Kris always finds the most amazing ways to update old things and I think this vintage door relove is definitely one of my favorites. 

If you are tired of looking at the same four walls and the same old view you will want to see Amy's post on ten waterfront homes around the world

Nobody loves an English country cottage home tour more than me, and this one is definitely now a favorite. 

Favorite Gluten-Free Recipe This Week

Cooler weather makes me think of soup, but as I have become a lazy as well as a thrifty cook I love a fairly simple one-pot healthy soup. This recipe for an Easy Vegan French Peasant Soup caught my attention. 

French Peasant Soup recipe

Catching Up

Have you had a chance to read these recent posts?

This week in Healthy Habits For a Happier Life I wrote about eating right. I was able to find a lot of good tips on the web and I am determined to do a better job of eating healthy, starting with that peasant soup.

Monday I shared a lovingly decorated historical home in New Jersey, which I loved.  Hint: the outdoor greenhouse eating area is to die for. 

Lets Play

I decided to create a special section for this because I thought it was so much fun. I played this with Tessa recently She of course won, although as usual she wouldn't allow me to see the instructions so who knows what the actual rules are. That girl definitely inherited the competitiveness gene.

It is for ages 8 and up and it is really fun. Amazon is apparently sold out, but I found it at Walmart.

Stay At Home With Amazon

What I'm Watching

For some reason, I have become addicted to shows that take place in WWII and these are two that I have recently finished and really liked; Land Girls and Foyle's War

Getting Cozy At Target

cozy women at Target

Until we meet again join me on PinterestInstagramLTK, and Etsy.

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  1. Great post, Laura. I am going over to check out your printable section right now. Have a great weekend.

  2. Good post, Laura. I am going to check out a couple of things you posted here. xo Diana

  3. Good morning sweet friend. Thanks for the shout out on my vintage door re love. I love all your finds. That cow card game sounds like fun. We are a family that plays lots of games so I might get this for one of our game nights. Looks like a hoot! Happy Friday have a great weekend. xoxo Kris

  4. You figured out the background! Yea! You're never too old to learn new tricks. Ivy taught me how to play fetch, didn't she?

  5. I enjoyed this post! Your new printables are lovely in your Etsy shop. I love what you've found from vintage books, etc. I've been working on printables also for my shop but am having trouble finding copyright free things to use, unless I can find old books, etc. which I haven't taken the time to do. I would love to find some very old vintage flower books, etc. I'm loving just being home. Was in hospital with Covid for 7 days and it's given me a whole new appreciation of "home" and the comforts of home and the safe haven of home. Hugs... Marilyn

  6. It’s so nice to meet you, Laura, and thank you for visiting my blog. The game looks like fun, and even though I’m not vegan, the soup looks wonderful! May you have a happy week!

  7. What a lovely post, and beautiful printables. I hope everything works out well for you with them. And thank you so much for coming over to Marmelade Gypsy and leaving uch a lovely comment. It's nice to meet you!

  8. Ouch! Sorry to hear Blogger ate your first post. Wishing you success with your printables! Thanks so much for the mention about my waterfront homes post!

  9. I enjoyed this jammed packed post. I will have to spend more time reading up about everything. Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading about my California vacation day 2. I hope you have a nice day and week.

  10. I love that English cottage, too! I follow them on Instagram, I'm in love with all the colors and fabrics...I wish my house came with ducks. ;)


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