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Monday, September 20, 2021

Do you ever have one spot in your decor that you just can't seem to get a grip on?

Mine is this vintage window frame in my bedroom.

vintage window frame decor

This is the only place in my bedroom that I have room for it, and while I have always hung it vertically before, it won't fit that way here. 

I have tried decorating it in different ways, but none of them have made me happy. 

Now I am on a mission to see what other people have done.

This is very pretty with the wreath hanging from a ribbon. It has a very cottage feel.

old window frame with wreath

It would be perfect, except the window is vertical.

How cute is this window? 

vintage window with a cow

It is super cute, but somehow I don't think a cow would fit into my cottage bedroom.

Here is a window with a shelf on the top (mine is on the bottom) and it is horizontal. Once again they have used a wreath,

old window with shelf decor

It would be fun to layer old window frames. Unfortunately, I only have one, but I love the cottage look of this idea.

layering old windows

This time a hurricane lantern is used as a decor feature.

A window frame can be used to frame a vintage map. I seriously have at least five zillion of those. Not sure I have one that large in more subdued colors.

In my spare time (what the heck is that) I think I will look through my maps for one. 

I also need to start listing some of those maps in my Etsy shop

I seriously never thought about using a clock, but I do love this idea. 

clock on an old window frame

I do like this vintage-style white wall clock and if I had a bigger space I would definitely love this real moving gear wall clock for my living room. (Just exactly how did I veer off into a clock hunt?)

There are so many great ideas and now I am going to process them and see what I come up with.

Do you have an old window frame that you decorate with?

vintage window frame decor ideas

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  1. I used to have an old vintage frame I paid $5 for. I loved that thing, but it finally fell apart. I taped vintage children's images in the windows and switched them out from time to time. I love the idea of the wreath. And speaking of clocks, I have one in my bathroom that is round and I have a square wood frame around it.

  2. The addition of vintage window frames to decor adds a layer of nostalgia.
    Happy Fall,

  3. what interesting looks with the different window frames. Have you thought of putting lace curtains behind the frame so it looks like you are looking inside a window? That would allow coverage of much of the wall behind the frame. Maybe that's what bothers you seeing the wall there. Then maybe even a wreath (since you've mentioned liking the ones you have seen). Or as someone else mentioned, putting a picture or scene behind the frame so it would appear you are looking outside. I look forward to seeing your solution.

  4. I'm so glad you posted this Laura because I have a few frames I've never done anything with and this is definitely food for thought. Can't wait to see what you do with yours!

  5. Great ideas! I love using old windows and making them into something useful1

  6. I once bought an old window frame that was hand-painted with flowers. I loved it, but when it didn't fit into my decor anymore, I gave it to my niece.

  7. I have an old 6 paned window that I've filled with vintage black & white photographs of my family. I have verses & quotes with each one & love it.

    I really think hanging a wreath on yours would be so pretty, whether the window is vertical or horizontal I still think it would be lovely.

  8. You have shared so many beautiful vintage window ideas. They make lovely home accessories with all the chippy goodness. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love the cottage look of the layered vintage windows on the buffet. The chippy window with the wreath is very cute too. I know you will find just the right piece or pieces for your window shelf. Happy Monday. xoxo Kris

  10. Love vintage windows. So many pretty pictures in this post.


  11. Vintage windows are always so pretty! I love all the examples you've shared here and I can't wait to see what you decide to do with yours. They're super versatile! Hugs, CoCo

  12. I have an old light green frame that has a mirror behind it.. I've never liked the mirror... now I need to see about taking it out! I'm not sure what I would hang in front.. I'm not into wreaths that much... I like the idea of maybe some lace hung on a horizontal twig or something... or like the idea of lace looking "curtains" on the side. Will be fun to see what you come up with. Marilyn

  13. These are great! I love working with windows for DIY

  14. I love vintage windows and all you can do with them. So many great ideas here - now to find some to use.


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