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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Yes, I know I have a very small galley kitchen in my apartment, and you may be asking yourself why and how am I rearranging things.

The why is pretty simple. After not having one for five years, I ordered a microwave that is arriving Friday. 

My lazy self has just finally conceded to the fact that when dinner time rolls around I just don't want to cook, and I am not always at home at lunchtime to cook my main meal then. 

This is the microwave I ordered. 

I didn't want to give up any of my precious little counter space for a microwave, but needs must, so instead I am giving up my wood dish drainer. I spent countless hours perusing other options for a new dish drainer, but in the end I haven't come up with a perfect solution.

I even ordered a couple of drainers, but ended up cancelling them when I realized they really wouldn't work. It's difficult when you have a single instead of a double sink and not enough room above the sink to accommodate a hanging drainer. 

What I may end up doing is buying a compact little drainer like this one that I can take out and use as needed.

I did move my cutting boards to the hanging shelf above my stove to free up some space on the counter, that won't have the microwave. I like them here. 

I did make one other kitchen purchase that I am excited about and is arriving today. I want to get back into juicing. I gave it up a couple of years ago because my juicer was old and bulky, but I felt so much better back then.

Also, because I need more veggies and fruit and because I have a couple okay more than a couple of Covid pounds to lose I decided it was time to purchase a new juicer

Yesterday I headed out to Whole Foods and loaded up on spinach, carrots, apples, turmeric root, and ginger root to get myself started. 

The other things that I moved off of the counter, where the cutting boards had been, were these glass jars. Lining them up next to the refrigerator saved some space.

Just a little rearranging has made a difference and once I get the microwave I hopefully won't have to do much more.

Small kitchens definitely require creativity, but I love my little apartment and every time I come through my front door I feel a sense of contentment.

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  1. I love to organize with baskets and jars too. Your kitchen organization looks great. Happy Wednesday. xoxo

  2. I love where you put the cutting boards. I always say in a small kitchen you have to utilize vertical space.

  3. I love where you hung the cutting boards.. I am always rearranging my rooms, it gives the room a new feel without spending any money. I SO wish we had a whole foods near me but we don't.. I have a juicer which I use from time to time but mostly I use my vitamix because that thing just pulverizes anything and I make juice in it as well...

  4. Congrats on getting a microwave! We have a little Black & Decker just like yours. Got it 5-1/2 years ago when we moved to this house and wanted a small one. We don't use it for cooking meals or anything, but it gets so much use for heating up our water, tea, coffee, leftovers, etc. It's just about ready to give up the ghost, but 5-1/2 years for about $50 is well worth it! We finally got ours off the counter and it's in a pantry we have in our kitchen... we cleared off a shelf and it just fits there! We have TWO juicers, and use them for awhile, and then quit and put them away, as get tired of having to wash up everything every day. Plus, buying so many organic fruits and veggies gets to expensive that we quit using it. I wish we could afford to use it all the time! (and had a mail to wash up all the parts afterwards!). I know it's so healthy to partake of the fresh (and organic if possible) juices.


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