Friday, May 14, 2021

It has been a busy week for me. I have started to rearrange my kitchen here, and tried to cut down on driving as there is a gas shortage in my neck of the woods. Since Thursday is my thrifting day, I also swung by the grocery on my way home.

I have found so many new and wonderful finds this week, and I can't wait to share them with you.

Home Decor

I never seem to get tired of looking at home decor. When I was younger I subscribed to what were then called "women's " magazines. I loved when the new ones would come out each month and couldn't wait to sit down in the afternoon while my daughters napped so that I could look at the newest trends.

These days things are much easier. We just have to get online in order to browse to our heart's content, and I do love to browse.

Zentique Amelie slipper chair natural oak/linen for the French country home lover would add a touch of elegance to your home. I would love to have this in my bedroom as a place where I could sit and read in the afternoon while sipping my cup of tea.

This storage bench would be lovely at the foot of a bed to store your extra bedding and as a place to sit when pulling on your morning shoes. I don't know about you, but if I try and put on my shoes while standing I tend to fall over. 
There is nothing to cozy up a home more than soft light emanating from the perfect lamp beside your couch or favorite chair. I think what I like about this lamp is that it could be incorporated into almost any decor style. 

A beautiful rug that says welcome to my home, and as we all know I love something that looks like it has been around for awhile. I have my eye on this rug for my dining room.

In The Kitchen

I love kitchen appliances and gadgets. Things are so much easier in the kitchen these days.

I remember my mom cooking in a pressure cooker. Back in those days there was a thingy on top she called the jiggler and you had to watch it to make sure it didn't blow. People could be killed by those things. 

This is definitely not my mother's pressure cooker. This instant pot pretty much does it all and there are no shooting projectiles. My daughter has an instant pot and says she uses it every day. It is now on my wish list as it could replace a couple of other cookers I now have.  

I wish I had room for a kitchen island serving cart. My friend asked if I couldn't just get one and roll it into my pantry closet when I am not using it. Ha!!! she obviously has never  seen my pantry closet. I guess it is time I cleaned it up. 

A hard working set of pots and pans are a must in the kitchen. I personally like anything that is hardworking as long as it isn't me.

Perfect size chopper for small kitchens and/or small jobs. Just push the button for perfectly chopped onions and more. 

The Linen Closet

Soft, luxurious, and beautiful make for a perfect bath towel.

Blue linen ticking tea towels for your farmhouse or modern kitchen. These are also on my wish list.

Summer is almost here, but I love to crank up the a/c at night and snuggle under a pure flax linen blanket

And a very important part of a good night's sleep is a set of  luxurious sheets.

Houseplant Essentials

Everyone seems to love houseplants these days including yours truly, and in order to keep them healthy and happy we need to have the proper tools.

Don't forget to water, and when you do water why not choose a brass watering can that is pretty enough to leave out as part of your decor.

An also must have are tools for planting and a pretty tote to keep them in. This combines both and you can carry your tools out to your garden this summer.

Make sure you use a good potting soil mix. Your plants will love you for it. No, they won't actually talk to you, but they will grow and thrive and that is good enough for me.

Finally, what says I love my houseplants better than pretty pots.

You can also find me on Amazon here, Like To Know It here, and Etsy here.

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  1. Love all your Friday finds Laura. I love that little boho chair with the rug. Have a great Friday and weekend. xoxo

  2. So many fun finds, Laura! I love the towels and the striped pots. They are fun!!


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