Friday, May 28, 2021

Can you believe that it is almost June? I am so excited because I love summer. 

I love waking up each morning to the sound of the birds. There is nothing better than opening my shades and letting the beautiful summer light in. When night comes I'll be checking to see if the lightning bugs have appeared yet. 

I hear people complain about the heat, but I guess my heart must be in the south, because I love it. 

So for this last Friday in May my favorite finds are all about summer.

All About The Birds

Speaking of birds, I love bringing them up close and personal with a window bird feeder.

What self respecting bird doesn't love a bath, and this birdbath also includes a fountain.

Our feathered friends need a place to get out of the rain while sitting on their nests (at least I think they do) and a cute bird house will please both you and them. 

Don't forget the sweet hummingbirds in your yard. They need their own feeder,

and their own home.

Beach Days

As much as I love the sun, I look like a beet after 10 minutes so I would love this beach tent

I could relax with my book inside that tent in this great beach chair and tell everyone else to go get their own tent. Okay, I know, that tent is big enough for more than one person.

I love floating around on a body board (except for the time I started to float out to sea and my daughter had to drag me back to shore)

Do you hate setting your drink down in the sand. These drink holders will help to keep wet sand off of your drink.

Kids and adults both love this beach game.

Don't forget to load up on sunscreen.

Fire Up That Barbeque 

Memorial Day is the official start of barbeque season so make sure you have a grill that is in good working order.

Even if you only have a deck or small patio there is a barbeque grill for everyone.

Every outdoor chef needs a good set of cooking utensils,

and an apron,

Don't forget a good pair of grilling gloves.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

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  1. Great Friday finds. Love the apron for a father's day gift. Too fun. Have a wonderful Memorial day. xoxo


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