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Friday, April 30, 2021

Is tomorrow really the first day of May? How did that happen already? I guess that means that Mother's Day is coming up pretty fast. 

Don't despair. There is still time to order your wonderful mother something special, and don't forget to treat yourself, too.


In honor of your mom I am devoting this week's Favorite Friday Finds just to her. 

If your mom has a green thumb, or just wants to you to have something to water so you stay out of trouble she will love this wall hanging planter.

How cute is this set of small ceramic planters that look like marble? I can see them filled with herbs or succulents.

Moms should be pampered on their special day.

The day should start off with her being served breakfast in bed on a pretty tray. (Just don't let the eight year old do the cooking. I can tell you from experience that raw bacon is not a good idea)

After lounging in bed, she deserves to spend the afternoon out on the verandah rocking in her new rocking chair.

While relaxing she will definitely want a beautiful flower arranger to enjoy the flowers you gave her.

Some other great ideas.

A pretty velvet pillow or two.

Pretty chinoiserie blue and white placemats.

Upcycled cotton tea towels.

Single serve coffee brewer.

Lavender door wreath.

Ice tea maker

Natural jute pouf

Window bird feeder

Travel cosmetic train case

Finally, don't forget a bouquet of fresh flowers. You won't even have to sneak out in the night to pilfer some from your neighbors garden like you did when you were a kid.

Happy Shopping

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  1. Love those ceramic planters. Have a great weekend, Laura.

  2. I love them all. Never saw a flower arranger like that. Well, I like them all except for the travel thingie. I don't travel and I don't wear makeup. The rest I'd love to have!

  3. I like that flower arranger, pretty and unique!

  4. So many pretty finds. Live anything toile and the pillow is a beauty.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. All such pretty thoughtful things....
    SO is your subscribe thing new? Does this replace the old subscribe by email on blogger??


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