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Friday, March 27, 2020

A couple of weeks ago I shared my plate rack redo. In case you missed it you can see it here.

I missed having my blue and white transferware out where I can see it, and although I don't have room for all of my plates I like to see at least part of it.

I was feeling like the shelves were a little sparse, but didn't really have anything that I thought would work. 

That's when I noticed that my daughter, Katy who has started to sell some vintage and antiques, had some beautiful Delft hand painted blue and white houses for sale. 

Be still my beating heart.

I of course swooped in and bought them before anyone else could. 

She was glad that I was getting them because she hated to part with them, and as for me I felt sure they would be the perfect addition to my plate rack.

I was right. The plate rack is now complete. (Well, at least for now)

I hope everyone is still practicing their social distancing. 

Staying at home is the quickest way to knock this thing out so that we can get out and do all those things we love so much.


  1. Looks very pretty. Those houses are so sweet. Nice collection! Stay safe and thanks for posting!

  2. Oh Laura score on those cute houses. Love them. When you get tired of them you have to sell them to me. They are just so cute. Happy Friday. I am doing what the second little piggy is doing!

  3. Oh, the houses are adorable and the perfect addition!

  4. Those houses are fabulous and look great in your display.

  5. Wow I love those little houses! I have never seen those before in the blue Delft! They really add to your plate rack. I'm staying home too.. have been for over 2 weeks now..... finding lots to do with my paper crafting, house cleaning, organizing, etc. Lots of projects to go on my to do list!

  6. Those little Dutch Delft looking houses are so adorable. I am so sorry I didn't buy at least to for my tablescapes when they had them at my fav antique shop... oh well.
    Staying at home and tomorrow will post a transferware table, I have more time now.
    I am cooking, cleaning where I haven't been in a long time and I am enjoying it too.
    Keep safe and blessings,


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