Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Monday I wrote about the new normal that we are currently living in. If you missed that post you can read it here.

As we self isolate we need to find activities to do while at home. I live in Atlanta where the mayor has announced a 14 day stay at home order so I cannot just decide to go out and wander around. 

Today I thought I would share some of the things I am doing to keep myself from going stark raving mad becoming bored. 

I have been cleaning and organizing but I wanted something else to do. After all I live in a small apartment so there is only so much of that I can do. 

Along with reading and streaming these are some of the things I am doing. 

There is no eating out so I am cooking and baking more. 

I used to love to do jigsaw puzzles so I have ordered some from Eeboo. I ordered three of their Piece and Love puzzles. Once the stay at home rule is lifted I will share with my daughters and they will share their puzzles with me. 

Amazon also has some great puzzles.

It is important to stay in close touch with families and friends so I will continue to FaceTime with my family (primarily Tessa who shoves her sister out of the room when we are on FaceTime)

Yesterday I met virtually with my new local peer group. Since we are unable to meet in person right now we used Zoom to have a group meeting. This is a nice thing to do to help us keep from feeling so isolated. 

I have been feeling like a slug as I haven't been able to do much exercising. I miss my chair yoga class so I have started Chair Yoga with Adriene on You Tube. You can find that here.

I am also going to try some of the Silver Sneakers workouts on You Tube here.

Also, I have added apps on my phone to brush up on my cribbage and French.

What are some of the things that you are doing keep both your mind and body active during this stressful time?

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  1. I used to love to do jigsaw puzzles, but can you imagine what Ivy would do with those pieces scattered about? I'm planning my patio garden, ordering supplies. I go out on the patio and enjoy the new growth. I pretty much stick to my regular schedule because I didn't go out all that much to begin with.

  2. Hi Laura,
    I am so happy to see you finding things to do while we are all shut ins. We have a stay at home order here in Illinois but they do allow you to go out and walk your dog or take a walk. So I am thankful for that. We just have to try to get out as much as our crazy weather up here in Illinois allows. Today it is 60 and sunshine. Buddy and I will take a good walk today. Puzzles really help the brain stay focused and clear. I love doing puzzles too. I mostly did them with my grand girls.
    Stay safe and glad you are finding happy with being home bound.

  3. Hi Laura... that bread looks positively delish! I'm not surprised that the puzzles are sold out. I have 4 friends working on them. Not me, though. I had enough problems putting together the Playschool puzzles when I was a kid. I may try that chair yoga tomorrow!! Stay healthy, dear Laura!!

  4. I'm working from home so I'm actually loving this break from the office right now. I manage to get a few things done around the house during breaks also, so that's a huge bonus for me as there are NEVER enough hours in the weekends for me!! Be well...

  5. I'm staying home more than usual - I don't go out much anyone, but like to go to the library (closed), the thrift stores (closed), the fabric store (closed) and NEED to go to the grocery stores now and then. We're trying to plan one trip to do it all in the next few days. At home, I'm doing my usual crafting (with paper) and trying some new things.. doing some organizing that I had put off, some cleaning (also put off!), and making some cards to send out to friends and family for a little "pick me up". I have never liked puzzles but do love crossword puzzles and Solitaire, so I play those on my tablet. I love to read so doing alot of that. I've ordered a little more online these days, than I normally do.. so every few days, I have something fun coming in the mail! Even little things that don't cost much, get shipped and it's fun getting them (mostly for crafting). One of these days I may even attempt to paint my little antique night stand white! Marilyn

  6. We have the stay at home order here in IL, too but we're allowed to be out and about as long as we stay 6 ft away from others. So we can walk in our neighborhood, ride bikes, walk a dog, etc. It was nice out today and my husband was home from work, so we started spring yard clean up. Otherwise, I've been doing doing yoga youtube videos too (love Adriene! - I do her gentle flows) and organization projects. I even tried my hand at acrylic painting the other day. I've been taking walks around the neighborhood unless it's raining. I've cooked just about every night and did some baking and shared it with my neighbor-friend down the street (left it on their doorstep).


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