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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Monday Tessa called me on FaceTime. I have a special ring tone for her on my phone so I feel very happy when I hear it. 

Whirling around on her backyard swing, while I get dizzy, she asks what I have been doing. 

Photos are a bit fuzzy because they were FaceTime screen shots

I promptly reply that I have been a rock and roll singer singing in a rock and roll band. "No you haven't." she says, "If you were, there would be lots of streamers."

Hmmm, maybe I better think my answers out a little more carefully next time I tell a big whopper to a seven year old. 

While telling me what she has been up to I notice that she is a bit aggravated. Apparently Trixie, that's what she has named her one remaining chicken, is following her feet around pecking at them. 

"Ouch trixie, stopping pecking at my feet"

This led us to a conversation about why Trixie, who is the only chicken that the fox didn't get, is following her around and pecking at her feet. 

"I bet Trixie is lonely." I said. "Maybe she wants to get your attention and pecking at your feet is the only way she knows how to get it."

(I have no artistic skills but I wanted to entertain Tessa)

Tessa thought for a minute and said, "I think she needs baby chicks. Mama said that maybe since we can't get baby chicks because of the coronavirus we can have eggs sent to us and hatch our own. I would like for the baby chicks to think I am their mama, but maybe Trixie would think she is their mama."

"I bet that would make her happy and not so lonely."

There are a lot of children, who are feeling lonely right now. Just like Trixie, who has had her chicken friends and family taken away from her and doesn't understand what happened, they are feeling confused about what is going on. 

If they start pecking at your feet it's just because they need a little reassurance that they aren't alone.  

As for me I have found a solution to my loneliness. 

source unknown
Stay home and stay safe. Oh and watch out for scary chickens.


  1. You wrote a lovely post. Your grand daughter is a cutie. I loved reading about her chicken pecking her feet.I hope her Mom gets some eggs to be hatched. Your drawing of the chicken pecking your grand daughter's feet was so cute, I know she will be tickled by it. And when you mentioned that "when "they" peck at your feet they just need reassurance", is something to really think about.

    I am needing to have some Facetime with my grandson. I'm really missing him. His mom (my daughter) is an RN and his dad is a plumber, so my husband and I have to be careful to keep safe distance from them and our grandson, because I have a lot of risk factors.

    May you and your family stay well (and hatch a lot of cute little chicks).

  2. Love this post!! Your conversations with your granddaughter while fun are also very helpful. You could make a Tessa scrapbook/journal during this time. I can see your drawings telling a lovely story of your interactions.

  3. Hi Laura and Happy Wednesday. I think it is Wednesday lol! Your granddaughter is adorable. I have been facetiming my two granddaughters. It is fun but not the same as real hugs and kisses. Hopefully soon. Have a great day.

  4. You are such a wonderful grandmother! You seem to know just what to say. Tessa is a real beauty. She will be fighting off the boys when she's a teenager.


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