Friday, April 3, 2020

I don't know about you, but my life is full to bursting with important activities during my lock down.

Some people may refer to it as quarantine or self isolation, but after three weeks I am definitely calling it a lock down.

Whatever you call it #stayhome means coming up with important things to do while lolling about the old homestead or in my case the old 600 square foot cell. 

I have spent a lot of worthwhile hours staring out my window watching the leaves grow, and I must say they have been doing an excellent job without my assistance. Although I am sure my spying eyes have probably been somewhat of a help.

It's amazing what else you can see out your window. For instance there was that poor guy who was moving into an apartment next door. I watched for three days while he struggled all by himself to carry his belongings in. That is seriously three days of my life I will never get back.

Then just this morning I was entertained by the couple who were challenging themselves to racing from one end of their parking lot to the other. They would race down and back, struggle for breath for five minutes, and then they would be out of the starting gate again. I'm pretty sure they were practicing for the now cancelled Olympics. Maybe I should yell that information out my window and put them out of their misery. Sigh!! I thought about it, but then what would I do for entertainment.

yes, I'm too big of a chicken
When I decide to haul myself out of my chair, I go into my office space. As you can see, what used to be my dining area is now where I work hard hardly work on this puzzle. It's been a week since I started, and as you can see that at the rate I am going I might possibly be finished by the next 100 year pandemic. 

I did purchase this great puzzle sorter from Amazon. I spent the first half of the week sorting the puzzle and the second half realizing I had sorted them all wrong. The top tray is for what I call pieces of interest. That means I find them interesting, but have no clue where they go. I did try to force a few of them together to make a pretty totem pole, but that didn't seem to help the puzzle.

If you are looking for the sorter on Amazon you have to purchase it through Amazon Fresh. I'm not sure what a puzzle sorter has to do with food, but I added some food to my order in case I eat my way through the two tons of food I already have in one day. They were sold out of things like chicken and gluten free pasta, but I was able to get some chewing gum. That will make my dentist happy I'm sure, and if I happen to be starving I can pretend it is food.

Speaking of Amazon, they seem to really care about my health in this time of crisis and gave me 90 free days of Amazon music. After five minutes of toe tapping and feet shuffling I feel energized enough to collapse back into my chair, 

where I once again can take up watching the leaves grow. 


  1. Funny! The days do seem to blend right into each other right now. That is a beautiful would take me forever to do it. I'm great at borders...but then I have to actually do the rest.

  2. It is good to have a sense of humor and I can feel yours shining through this funny post! Thanks for posting, Laura. Hang in there and stay safe!!

  3. I have music on all day. I only watch a half hour of news a day and I am so much happier. It would take years for me to get even a corner of that puzzle done. Stay safe and healthy, dear Laura!!

  4. You're so funny! I love your sense of humor. I had a Shipt delivery this morning. It's my 3rd delivery during this craziness. Hey, at least you have what looks like nature and trees you can see. I look at the back of a strip mall.

  5. So glad you still have your sense of humor. That is so much better than being on the 6 o clock news lol! Happy Friday. Have a good weekend.

  6. Thanks for telling it like it is in such a lighthearted way. Now I must check out that puzzle sorter.

  7. Yes! This forced incarceration is starting to get to me too. Thank goodness we can still go outside to walk or run. I need to get some puzzles!


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