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Monday, April 6, 2020

I had to count up the number of days that I have been self quarantining. Today is day 23. 

Although in Atlanta we have been on a shelter at home order for awhile, I don't think people were completely taking it serious. When I look out my living room window I can see the tops of the cars going by on my normally busy street. Traffic did not seem to be much different. 

Friday night a shelter in place went into effect for all of Georgia. This weekend when I looked out my window there were very few cars going past.

My older daughter who also lives on a very busy street said people were actually walking down the middle of her street in order to maintain social distancing. 

I am glad to see people taking it seriously. It is how we will slow the spread of the illness. 

The weather here was gorgeous all weekend and it is so hard to stay inside my apartment. I am trying to limit leaving it to two times a week. Friday was one of my two days last week and I was able to walk around the grounds of my apartment complex taking some photographs and enjoying the sunshine. 

Today I am going downstairs to pick up my mail and while I am down there I am going to ask about the garden spaces. I want to order some veggie plants, but I need to know which space I am getting. I think gardening will be a good outside activity and it will provide some fresh veggies this summer. 

I'm hoping the garden center I go to is open for pickup. I am not sure what is considered essential, but I know a couple of weeks ago they were open for people to call in and then they would bring what you ordered out to your car. 

I haven't been anywhere for over three weeks so I am sure it will seem strange if I drive somewhere. In the meantime I need to research what I want to grow this year. No tomatoes for sure. I have no interest in feeding tomatoes to the squirrels and I have had to lay off tomatoes because my GERD has been acting up since I have been in quarantine. 

This is my new look. Rather attractive don't you think? 


I am really looking forward to the day this is behind us. 


  1. You and me both. I had to venture out to the grocery this morning. The Shipt people never go early enough to get toilet paper. I so wish you had an outdoor space to call your own. You wouldn't feel so cooped up.

  2. Hang in there Laura. It has to be hard not having outside space of your own to enjoy some fresh air.


  3. I love the new look and it is how we should all be looking. I love to see people taking this stay at home seriously. I have three family members on the front lines of this to help those that are sick. So when I see people not taking this serious it makes me angry. There are people on the front lines of this risking their own health to help those that need it. So if we all follow the rules we might just see the numbers start to fall and we can eventually get our lives back and less people will be sick and dying from this scary virus. Ok enough of my soap box. I hope you can get a little garden plot. It will be so nice to have a space you can grown things. Happy Monday. Have a good week.

  4. The traffic here is lighter but don't forget there are still many people who have to go to work, my husband included. I have friends that still have to go to work outside the home, too. And then there are those who have to go grocery shopping, pick up medications, take their pets to the vet (which I have to do this week - they come out to the car and get them), take care of elderly parents (as does my friend whose parents are totally at her mercy right now, as the father has dementia and the mother can't leave the home for groceries or meds), etc. My husband's car got a nail in the tire the other day, so he had to go have it repaired. So there are still numerous reasons people have to go out.

    I haven't driven my car in so long that the other day when Brian went to start it up, it was dead! (It's an older car.) So now we at least start it up every day and drive it around the neighborhood.

    I live in a more rural, quiet neighborhood so I've been walking every single day. We were able to work in the yard all weekend too, since the weather was nice and hubby was off work.

  5. I'm in NY. People should be taking it very seriously here and they're not. We haven't left the house in weeks, have been getting food delivered, when we can, because everyone is trying to get some. We're resorted to speciality food distributors. We did venture out twice to visit my parents' stone at the cemetery since we thought it'd be empty. The first time it was but this weekend we couldn't get out of the car...seems like everyone had the same idea. Stay safe.


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