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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Do you have a junk drawer in your home? I have a confession to make. I have three in my apartment.

That may seem excessive to some people, but I really, really need my junk drawers.

They are full of....well, really important junk, and when I need something I just go to them sift through the junk and find.....okay sometimes I can't find what I am looking for. Yesterday I really needed a rubber band and I know I had a ball of rubber bands. 

Not only could I not find that ball of rubber bands, I couldn't find even one rubber band.

That led to me yelling at my three drawers. "What good are you if you don't have what I want? If you don't straighten yourselves out I just might have to get rid of you."

oh look there is the tape I have been looking for
Oh boy, I am now yelling at inanimate objects. There is a small strong possibility that sheltering at home may be getting to me. 

At this point you may be asking yourselves if I took the opportunity to clean out those three drawers with all of my spare time. I mean a responsible person would have. Right? 

Apparently I am not all that responsible, because my puzzle was calling my name. (No I haven't actually reached the point of hearing voices that aren't there.)

Do you have a junk drawer, or two, or ten?


  1. I don't have a junk drawer....I've had one in the past....what is WRONG with me! heehee! Love your puzzle! Take care my friend!

  2. I have several junk drawers also and think quite often about cleaning them out but... so far just thinking no actual cleaning! Staying at home has proven that I can waste time a lot! Staying safe tho! Glad you are too!

  3. I have three drawers in a row where I keep tools, then stuff, then stuff in the next two. I keep my rubber bands in a small box with drawers where I can easily find them. Are you going slightly crazy in there? Do we need to call the men in the white coats? Oh yeah, we don't have those anymore and we're social distancing. You'll just have to go crazy in place.

  4. I do have a junk drawer! Maybe do people live without one? My sisters do! Their drawers are all neat and tidy and so is their refrigerators! I just don’t get it!

  5. Too funny! I have one junk drawer - in the kitchen. But it's pretty neat and organized. ;-)

  6. I have one junk drawer in my kitchen.. and though I try to keep it somewhat organized, with dividers and everything! I still can't find what I need half the time! I have the same problem with rubber bands! I think they walk away on their own. My hubby and I both say this house has gremlins, because so much stuff just disappears! (including rubber bands.. and clothes pins... and gloves). Of course, I do have more junk drawers in the garage, that are the "black holes" of the garage. Stay sane my friend. Marilyn

  7. I have an old Hoosier Cabinet in my kitchen and I use the drawers for junk, but I love it. Not in a hurry to clean any of it out. Often times what I am looking for can be found in there, tucked away. Stay well.

  8. LOL Laura. I find myself talking to the dog and myself a lot! I have one long skinny and I mean skinny drawer in this tiny house. I need more than that just cannot seem to give up anymore drawers. I do have a junk basket in the closet with lots of things! Have a great Wednesday.

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