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Friday, April 10, 2020

Tomorrow it will be four weeks since I've driven my car or seen my family in person.

I'd like to say that time flies when you are having fun, and maybe it does, but this shelter in place business is not fun. 

Yesterday I decided to put on my mask and take a little walk down my street. I was shocked that there appeared to be a normal amount of traffic and I could hear the cars zooming up and down I-85. 

I'm not sure why people don't get how important the shelter in place order is, and before you get mad at me, I know there are certain reasons for people to be out, but I'm talking about normal traffic. 

Wednesday morning Tessa FaceTimed me bright and early. I was just eating breakfast and she was ready to play. I would never turn down a play date with Tessa, as it is about the only bright spot in this crazy life right now, so I quickly finished my breakfast. 

She seemed to be focused on chickens and other birds and she wanted me to make a bird nest with baby birds. She instructed me on what I would need and so I quickly rounded up supplies from my "secret" cupboard. I had everything I needed, which she was quick to inform me was thanks to her. 

This was the finished product made from a plastic cup, tissue paper, and crayons, which met with her approval.

Thank goodness she doesn't expect great works of art from me. She did say she was very impressed with the picture I drew of her and Trixie last week. She thought I did a really good job on Trixie, but she was kind of noncommittal on how I did her. You can see it here.

She had drawn a picture of her and I with Trixie and texted it to me. I feel like her artistic future is probably brighter than mine. 

Before we hung up I told her I thought I would bake some cookies. She suggested that I could drive some over to her house, put them on the front porch, and she would back up to social distance. That girl is a born problem solver.


  1. LOL how cute this post is. Glad you are sheltering in place too. I think now that they are saying things are going in a good direction and they are seeing positive results in the numbers going down people are getting risky and going places. They do not realize this could rebound on us if we do not stay the course. Glad you are following the Shelter in Place. Have a nice weekend. xoxo Kris

  2. That sounds like a plan! I think we may take a short drive today to the walking trail that's still open. There's not much traffic here now....that's for sure! But we still have people to go by and check on and a few necessary errands to run. We only get out a couple of times a week though instead of every day. It's been a long month and a half! I'm glad you are well! Stay safe! Hugs!

  3. I'm so glad that you have that very bright light of Tessa in your life. I haven't talked to my grandkids except 16 year old grandson, Riley, who sometimes comes with his mom to bring my supper. We social distance. The drawing is adorable. I get out and drive. Charlie loves to go on drives. I can't deprive him of that and of course we drive to his acupuncture appointments every Thursday.

  4. So glad that Tessa is in your life. Baking cookies and dropping them off sounds like a plan! My husband and son continue to go to work each day. Even in my small town a lot of people are considered "essential" and work goes on. Please stay well and have a blessed Easter Sunday.

  5. I'm glad you got out for a walk - it's so good just to have a change of scenery and pace. And I wanted to comment on your flowers in the leadoff photo - they're beautiful! What a nice touch of inspiration and hope.


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