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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

You may remember that I was looking for a piece of furniture to place behind my settee to replace the small end table that had been there for several months. 

I wanted something that was a bit larger, but the space is small so it has been difficult to find something. 

I found one small cabinet at Home Goods that would have worked, but I definitely did not want to spend $150 for a cheaply made piece of furniture from China. 

I've looked around for the last couple of weeks for something vintage, but the few things I saw that might work were just too expensive. 

This girl has put herself on a budget. 

That is when the idea hit me to shop my own apartment to see if I could come up with something. I looked at a small chest of drawers in my bathroom first, but it was too big. Hmmm, is this going to be like Goldilocks and the three bears?

When I ran into the table in my entry hall for about the millionth time it literally hit me. What about this table? This table was my mom's and I requisitioned it after her passing. 

Well, yes it is exactly the right size for the space, and although there is no place for storage, I started to think that I might like the more open look of it. (on the other hand I need to find a better way to hide those cords)

After I was satisfied that it was indeed the right piece, I started to shop my apartment for accessories. 

This palm, which was a gift, has been kind of squished between the settee and the end table. I thought about how it would make a bit of a screen between the eating area and the living room. 

Now for a pretty pot. I bought this pot on half off day at the thrift store a couple of months ago. Even though I didn't have anywhere for it at the time I really loved it and at $7 it was a great buy. 


I wanted something simple next to the pot so I pulled three of my old books out of the desk.  (why does it look like my chair has dandruff?)

I think they will add a simple farmhouse touch to this spot. 

Now for that bottom shelf. 

I bought this mid century pottery vase in a large lot at an estate auction a few years ago. I sold the other pieces I bought with it so it was virtually free. I love the lines of it and as I have two mid century lamps on either side of the settee I think it works well. 

Here it is all put together. I'm feeling happy.

No new money was spent on this redecorating project. I think I will take that $150 I saved on that piece of furniture and save it for a rainy day, which could be pretty much any day this month as that seems to be all it wants to do. 

Do you shop your home when you redecorate? 

P.S. Happy birthday to my sweet daughter, Katy. Since I already got into trouble for putting Cary's age on her birthday card last week I wouldn't dare mention Katy's age here. She's 39. Whoops, did I just say that? Well I know you won't tell. 


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet girl. I love how you did the table and pieces. Looks great. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Looks great Laura. I think it has way more charm and character than the furniture piece. Plus, the table was your mom's, beautiful and sentimental. What's better?


  3. What a great idea! How about where the cords are put some other type of decor like baskets or even plants? I never understand why people get upset about their age. Just flat don't get it.

  4. Great idea for the table. Love how you decorated. Looks great. I am constantly moving things around. I wish I had never bought a loveseat and a sofa. I wish just a love seat with side chairs. Too hard to place in my room. Happy Birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter. I love the new table and all the decor pieces you used from your own apartment. That is the best. I love to change things in my home too. It is amazing how you can just change things up a little bit and get a lot of bang out of it. Looks great.

  6. The table and plants look so perfect there! It's always fun to shop your own place and use it in a new way! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  7. Shopping your own house is the best way to decorate! This looks beautiful, especially with the large plant on top. I'm with you ~ I won't spend that kind of money on a piece of furniture from China. Not even real wood. I have been seeing a lot of beautiful furniture, lamps, etc on FB Marketplace and I know others that also buy from OfferUp and similar sites.

  8. I know ! I love to find something at home and your mom's table is simply just perfect, I love it and you didn't have to spend any money... so gratifying !
    I don't spend any money on China stuff, unless it was a 'real' chinese piece.
    I mostly like antique European and now I don't need ONE piece of anything and there's no space too.
    Happy Valentine's dear.


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