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Monday, February 10, 2020

Just like a fickle lover, I'm finding that a Georgia winter is not loyal in its affections. 

Last Monday blessed us with weather that couldn't have been much finer even if it was the month of April.  The sun was shining, soft breezes were blowing, and the temperature topped out at a balmy 75 degrees. 

Wild flowers growing in my daughter's front yard Sunday

It was weather that made my heart sing. Then things began to go down hill. First there were thunderstorms with torrential downpours and flash floods. 

After the rain had passed the temperatures took a nosedive and by Saturday morning we had our first glimpse of falling snow. Where I live in Atlanta we got a fine dusting that didn't last over five minutes, my daughters who both live 10 miles south of me got less than that, and friends just ten miles to the north got several inches. 

Sunday was again another story. The sun was shining and the temperature climbed back up into the low fifties. I took my daughters out to brunch to celebrate both of their birthdays, which are this month. It was wonderful to have a time of just the three of us. 

It felt like a lovely day in March with flowers braving the fickleness of the weather. 

The week ahead will be another roller coaster, and I believe the old saying of, "if you don't like the weather just wait a day", definitely fits a Georgia winter. 


  1. Hi Laura. I think the weather everywhere is so crazy. We are having a pretty mild winter and not a pounding of snow like we usually have. Almost afraid to jinx it by writing that lol! I just cannot stand the long periods of no sunshine. That is what is hard for me. I am so jealous you see flowers now. Ahhhhh even with a little snow I know those beautiful days with seeing flowers and sunshine have to be wonderful. Have a great new week ahead.

  2. Yeah, weather crazy here too. But we haven't gotten as warm as you have yet. I think it's supposed to be pretty cold here the rest of the week. Hang in there! Spring will come eventually!

  3. Here in Minnesota it will be winter for quite awhile yet...8" of snow yesterday. Your beautiful spring photos are a sight for sore eyes!

  4. Yes, you are lucky to have flowers blooming! So pretty! How nice to spend time with family. I treasure those times with my children too! It is sometimes difficult to fit into their busy lives but always worth it! Thanks for posting!


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