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Sunday, November 10, 2019

I think I really did way too much walking on my knee last week and I have been paying for it. 

I just had so much I needed to do, plus I did some things I probably should have put on hold. It's just hard for me to stay put.

Yes I walked around the plant place

Well, by Friday my knee was really hurting and I could barely walk. So I have been forced to stay home and rest. 

I spent some time yesterday morning researching orthopedic surgeons in the Atlanta area as I don't have one yet. I was able to find the one who has the best reviews and if I need to go have my knee examined I will give his office a call. He is a provider on my insurance thank goodness. 

The last time I hurt my knee my surgeon in Kentucky sent me to physical therapy and that may be what I need again. 

Speaking of new doctors, I had my yearly skin cancer scan on Wednesday. I had a squamous cell carcinoma four or five years ago so I am diligent about being checked. All clear and I liked the nurse practitioner who examined me. 

Thursday I had my annual eye exam. Loved the doctor, who my daughter recommended.. My vision is still 20/20. She said she thought I had the healthiest eyes of the day. I feel really blessed to still have such good vision at almost age 69. (Yes I tell my age. I am not ashamed of it. Age is just a number.)

The eye exam was at Emory, and it was one of the places I had to walk far. I think that was the final straw for my poor hurting knee. 

Haven't left my apartment since Thursday to even check my mail. Tomorrow I have to go downstairs to print out some shipping labels for things I have sold this weekend, but I don't have anything I have to do this next week other than drop those packages at the post office and maybe pick up a few things at the grocery.

It is going to be a cold week so I will be happy to be in my cozy apartment. 


  1. Laura, I hope you can rest your knee. That it will get better. My feet are hurting me from raking for days. We have hauled so many to the back woods. But honestly there's probably 10 or more loads to go.Always work when you own a place, I am about ready to sell out and move to a rental. Ted actually helped me a little today. Blessings to you, please take care, xoxo, Susie

  2. Sorry to hear your knee is still bothering you, Laura...good you are getting it checked out! It's difficult choosing new healthcare after you move...we are in that position now, too. So nice when you find someone you like, who is good at what they do!

  3. I really enjoyed your post. I have RA and I also overdo quite a bit because like you I can only stay still for so long until it starts getting to me. I hope that physical therapy will be the answer, hate to see you have to need surgery.. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. oh no. hope you find some relief for your knee soon. you should have no problem in the area that you are living. take care!

  5. Sorry your knee is really bothering you. Getting checked and like you said physical therapy may help.

    Until you get it checked try and rest it.


  6. I have recently discovered your blog and am enjoying it very much. I am also rediscovering English Country style and am working towards that look in my home. I am also a senior woman who loves thrifting and I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment with two cats. I am in love with your sofa, and I sure do wish I owned one myself, but have recently purchased floral curtains which I am enjoying looking at every day. I love your blog and thank you for sharing your life with us.

  7. Nice to become acquainted with your Blog. Love your cozy place. I am a lover of vintage, shabby, and all things cozy and sweet. I have a slight knee issue and not fun..but mine is not to the extent of hope you get a resolution soon. I watched husband go through a 2015 knee, not on my bucket list..whew. Take care and thank you for sharing. I also love your sofa and the blue pillows and everything. :0) ..take care. I grew up in SC..a neighbor of your current Georgia home. (now in NC)..

  8. Hi Laura,
    Yep you need to stay off that knee and keep it iced for pain relief. Best thing you can do and if it does not seem like it is getting better I would call the ortho. Ok that is my two cent nurse advice. I am like you and cannot stay put! So I get it!!! Have a great new week. We got 5 inches of snow this morning. Ugh! Way too early for this stuff.

  9. Our power has been out all day until just a bit ago. Snow and rain and cold. And of course no apartment manager. Please take care of your knee. You know I commiserate with my ankle.

  10. I have the same problem with my knee. Never have had surgery on it.. my fall 3 years ago really jammed it and though nothing broken, it continues to be weak feeling and hurts if I do too much... but like you, I just keep on going! Leg up and ice on the knee is what you need! I also use Nikken wraps which help immensely. They are far-infrared inside the wrap, and somehow warm the knee and stabilize it. After my fall, I was on crutches for 7 weeks! Yikes.. boy was that hard when it was summer and so much to do in the yard. I hope it gets better IF you rest it.. and PT helped mine somewhat and I too need to do that again. Good luck.. and be a good girl this week and try to keep off of it. Marilyn


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