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Thursday, November 7, 2019

As a woman of a certain age I was taught to never talk about money. You never talked about how much money you earned. 

I believe that those times have changed. There was some concern expressed because in my last post I showed some items I have sold and how much of a profit I made on them. I understand that concern and absolutely appreciate that concern, but here is my feeling on it. 

When I was a counselor I made a certain amount of income based on my training for that job. Of course clients could instead read self help books or ask a friend for advice, but if they wanted professional help they came to me. 

If your car breaks down you can try and fix it yourself or you can pay an arm and a leg to a trained mechanic to fix it right. We might grumble about what we pay, but we know we have to do it.

No one questions the price when someone finds a rare painting at a garage sale and resells it for millions. I wish that would happen to me, but so far no such luck.

I have had a love for vintage and antiques since I was a child. I have spent years honing my skills in the buying and selling of them. I spend hours sourcing what I sell and then I spend hours researching their value.

No, I don't generally haggle over my prices. My prices on Etsy are based on current market value, and to be honest I rarely ever have anyone ask for me to lower the price. 

Also, I will be sharing how I decorate my apartment with items that have been thrifted or purchased at yard sales and auctions. Great fun for anyone, but necessary for those of us on a budget.

I applaud anyone else who wants to go out and try their hand at selling online. It is an especially great way for women to have a full time or part time income. I hope that sharing some of my knowledge may incentivize them to give it a try.

Women should be proud of what they accomplish and that includes buying low and selling high. It indicates that you know your trade. 

I can proudly say that I am no longer ashamed to talk about earning income from online sales or about making a profit. 


  1. Hi Laura, I am glad you explained that to me. Oh you darn well deserve a profit. Looking and finding things isn't easy, I know that about furniture being replicas. So your training and good eye for finding things is wonderful. I do love seeing how you use your finds to decorate. You do well there too. I have junked around for many things in this house. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  2. DH and I bought and sold at yard sales, flea markets, in an antique mall, then in our own shop and I've sold online, testing the market. I've not sold anything online in a couple of years because I have to get a sales tax # and some other # for retail selling. I just haven't wanted to deal with bureaucrats again and filling out all of the paperwork it entails. Do you have a sales tax #? For now, I'm just creating and not selling, but giving away, which doesn't bring in any supplemental income.

    This little cottage is decorated in our finds from yard sales, flea markets, and curbside. I miss seeing what my DH would bring home from curbside finds. We found materials to use, things to live with, and things to sell.

    Happy Autumn ~ FlowerLady

  3. I know it is a lot of work to find those special treasures that you can resell. I love having vintage things in my home! You have great style and enjoy what you do. I'm proud of you!

  4. Bravo Laura. Finding the right treasures and knowing your trade takes a lot of work. You deserve to make a profit. I have sold things on FB Market Place and it is amazing the stuff you go through sometimes with people. You have a good eye and good sources to find the right treasures. So you go girl. I am for any of us women that want to use their talents and make a few bucks.

  5. I have always been boggled by the thought that money should be kept hush-hush. Same thing with age. I am not embarrassed about my age. I happily will tell anyone. I just don't get some of the things we were raised to be concerned about. With all the things to worry about in this world, not the least of which is the way our country is being run, the other stuff is small potatoes.

  6. Laura, I'm not one who enjoys shopping, so I appreciate people like you who can find wonderful things to sell (at a profit) to people like me! :D

  7. I say KUDOS to you for your abilities and experience and years of research - that you SHOULD make a good profit as it is after all, a business to earn an income. I admire you for taking on shipping those larger breakable items too! That is why I don't sell breakable things in my Etsy shop. I have tons of china and dishes that were my mom's and aunts... bought mostly in England.. but I don't know how to handle the shipping, and so many people want free shipping and it seems like that would deplete any profit pretty fast! How neat to find the treasures that you do! Marilyn


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