Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Sometimes a baked potato sounds like the best food in the world to me, and it sure is easy to cook.

I always have good intentions to fix a nice big healthy dinner, but to be honest many nights by the end of the day I just don't feel like it. 

Last night I decided that salmon and a baked potato would make a perfect meal. I could just pop the potato in the oven and 15 minutes before it was done I could add the salmon. 

It was all going as planned until I opened the oven door to add the salmon. What was wrong with the potato? Why was there a big split down the middle? 

I leaned down to look in the oven and that is when I saw it. There was potato all over the inside of the oven. My wonderful potato had exploded and the mess was terrible. There was no way I could cook the salmon in that oven. 

As chief cook and bottle washer I made an executive decision. The salmon could wait until the next night. It was going to be an oatmeal kind of night. 

In all of the years I have been cooking I have never had that happen, and frankly I hope it never happens again. 

Monday I went to see a knee surgeon. I was really worried that my knee had failed, because it was hurting more on Monday than it had since I had injured it. The doctor and her staff were really nice and the office was beautiful. I was able to use valet parking so there wasn't a lot of walking. 

After x-rays the doctor said she thought it was a bad sprain, that the knee replacement was fine, there was no sign of any breaks, and there didn't appear to be any infection. It was soft tissue damage. 

What a relief. I'm so glad I had it checked out, and I will start  physical therapy on Thursday. I found an office just down the street, which is nice.

This is the second time I have done this in the last three years so I am going to have to acknowledge the fact that my knees are a weak part of my body and be much more careful when I am lifting. 

My dad always said that aging is not for sissies. He was so right. 


  1. My dad has told me the same thing. Glad there is no further damage. Do take care!

  2. Laura, Glad to hear the good news. I hope it all works out well for your knee. I sometimes poke fork tines into potatoes to make holes.then wrap them in damp paper towels and bake in the microwave. Blessings, take care, xoxo, Susie

  3. Glad to hear your knee is structurally okay! I often eat like you...the other night I had a baked potato and mixed veggies, and we have oatmeal nights!
    I agree...aging is not for sissies!

  4. So happy to hear your knee isn't real serious. PT should do the trick.

    Such a mess with your potato. Yes, aging isn't for sissies.


  5. I have to be very careful with my ankle. A few walks up the two step step ladder and I'm in trouble. Or walking a bit too far. Or lifting something. I've never had an exploding potato, but I know all about oatmeal and toast nights. Take care of yourself.

  6. I could eat a baked potato every day of the week. Sorry to hear about your experience but so happy to hear the good news about your knee. Put that leg up, Laura, and take it easy!

  7. I love all the pretty cozy photos in your post today! I love everything about HOME!
    I have had a potato explode once. No clue why they do that but it’s not common. I love baked potatoes!
    I’m looking forward to getting my left knee replaced. I had the right one done 11 years ago and it is still working just fine! Glad yours wasn’t damaged!

  8. Lol aging is not for sissies! Glad it is just a sprain and you can ice it and get the PT. That is great news. Nothing real serious with the knee replacement. Have a great week. Wow about the potato explosion!

  9. I love baked potatoes fresh from the oven! I tend to bake them a loooong time but I never had an exploding one! Glad to read that your knee issues don't seem that serious! Take care!!

  10. I can't imagine the clean up for the oven! (at least it smelled good, right?)
    Sorry about the knee, I'm fairly young and I'm having some issues with mine off and on. Yes, aging is NOT for sissies. Take care-Suz

  11. I don't bake potatoes often, but I've never had one explode on me! I can only imagine trying to clean up that kind of mess - ugh. Did you poke holes in the potato with a fork before baking? Glad to hear your knee is going to be ok.


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