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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Thursday was my first day of physical therapy for my knee sprain. I pretty much know the drill for knee PT as I have been though it three times before. Twice for knee replacements and once when I sprained my knee a couple of years ago. 

Of course each physical therapist is different so there is some element of surprise. 

After she took down my medical information and examined my knee the torture began. I call it torture even though I know it isn't deliberate (it isn't is it?) on their part, because it is painful. 

The first thing she did was massage the muscles in my leg that I apparently have damaged by limping around for two weeks. Not fun, not fun, not fun. OUCH!!!

We then moved on to the exercises, which are for stretching those now screaming muscles. She gave me the instructions to do the exercises at home and talked to me about staying off my knee as much as possible and elevating it a couple of times a day. I'll be going twice a week.

I am doing as ordered, because I want this thing healed up. I have things to do, places to go, and people to see. In other words I need to go to the grocery and to go annoy my grandchildren. 

On the way to PT I stopped and picked up a couple of books I had ordered from the library. I decided to read this one first. 

I really like the Bill Slider mysteries by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, and somehow I missed this one that came out in 2018.

From the cover:
When one of London's best-known literary agents is found dead in unexplained circumstances, having taken a header from his office window, DCI Slider is under pressure from the Burrough Commander to confirm a case of accidental death. But when the evidence points to murder, Slider and his team find themselves uncovering all the juicy secrets of the suave and successful Ed Wiseman's past.

If you like British murder mysteries and you haven't tried these I would suggest giving them a whirl. There is quirky humor, which I always like, and as this is number 21 in the series there is lots of reading for you. 

Time to go moan and complain do my exercises. 


  1. Happy Thursday Laura. I hope the PT will give you relief quickly. Have a great Sunday.

  2. Sounds like it is hard for you to sit still, Laura! But, of course, now you have to so your knee will heal. Good thing you picked up some books to keep you busy! I will look for that author in my library. Thanks for the suggestion. Stay put and get well!

  3. Hope you're pain free soon, Laura. My mouth is killing me. I just went out and bought Tylenol Extra Strength Fast Relief because this pain is just relentless. Be good to yourself so you'll feel better soon and can freely annoy the grandchildren.

  4. Oh, physical therapy is no fun, so sorry Laura!! I remember after my knee was rebuilt after a skiing accident my therapist really tortured me trying to break the scar tissue. It was awful, and the one legged bicycle was also the pits!


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