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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

I have performed some major gymnastics and gotten some photos of my entry hall. 

It's very small and dark, which makes it difficult, but I think I have come up with some photos that are acceptable, if not perfect.

When you come through my front door you look straight through the entry hall into my living room and even though the entry hall is quite small I want it to be inviting. 

I needed a place to hang my coat when the weather turns cooler, because I turned the front closet into a pantry and storage closet. 

I found the perfect vintage metal coat rack at half off day at the thrift store.

I moved my "post" wicker basket from the kitchen to here, for a place to put a pair of gloves and a couple of scarves this winter. I also hung a pretty pashmina shawl, which brings out the colors of the two prints. 

Next to the coat rack are two vintage fruit prints. 

I love an umbrella stand, especially when it is an old stone crock filled with my mom's umbrellas. Tessa likes to point out which one is her favorite, which is a not so subtle hint that I should give it to her immediately. Ha!! Good things come to those who wait twenty years. 

On the other wall I've hung a gold antique mirror over a small table. 

Sitting on the table is a converted oil lamp, a small gold bowl for keys and sunglasses (otherwise I would never find them), 

and on the bottom shelf, a mid century vase. 

I like to mix up styles. 

People ask me how I decorate on a budget. This is what I spent on this small space.

Coat rack - $2.50 (thrift store)
Crock with umbrellas - inherited from my mom
Pashmina shawl - gift from my sister
Basket - $13.00
Two fruit prints - inherited from my mom
Lamp - $25.00 (auction)
Table - free
Bowl - $100 (thrift store)
Vase - $3.00 (auction)

My out of pocket total $44.50.

I can hear you now thinking that not everyone is going to inherit nice things, but what I have always done and continue to do is sell something that I have in order to purchase something new. 

I think the real secret to decorating is using things throughout your home that you love and that give you pleasure. 


  1. The coat rack you found at the thrift shop is awesome. Fits perfectly there too. Happy New Week Laura.

  2. I think it all looks lovely, Laura, and very nicely done. I really love your mirror! That is my style for sure. Nice work! Susan

  3. I agree. It is easy for me to part with furniture that I don't hold dear to my heart. But there are items I cherish. Love that coat rack and the mirror. And you have a hallway, even if a short one. My door opens directly into my apartment. I don't have a coat closet or a pantry or a linen closet. So I have to make do.

  4. I could tell from the very first photo how warm and inviting your place is. I love the wood, plants and all your other treasures. Your place looks like no one else's and that is special. I could move right in. I'll bring the tea!

  5. You have a beautiful all the vintage and blends/greenery. Very nice that you decorate with what you love. That's my decor, too, (and ends up too much probably most would think, lol). Yours is just great.

  6. Laurie, I really like the way you have decorated your place. I like the idea of the coat rack, the basket makes perfect sense to me, love that. The entry table is awesome. Nice that you have some of your mom's things . Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  7. A mirror makes all the difference, bringing light, and enjoying another view of your pretty home.


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