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Thursday, September 26, 2019

When I look at my decor I often ask myself whether it is cottage or farmhouse style. 

I guess it is a bit of both so maybe I should say eclectic. 

I have always dreamed of living in an English cottage, so my goals in decorating my apartment have been to have an English cottage feel in an urban Atlanta apartment. 

That isn't necessarily easy, because when I look out my windows I see a car park for the next door apartments along with trees and a lot of ivy. 

I love lots of prints on the walls, cozy throws, pillows, houseplants, old books, and chintz, but I also love rustic touches. 

When I see photos of actual English cottages I notice that they have all of those things. 

I want my space to be comfortable and cozy, and I guess that describes a cottage or a farmhouse. They are both "lived in" spaces. 

To me they are spaces that just say "I am home" when you walk in the door, and that is definitely how I feel about my little home.

Who cares what label you give it. 


  1. Your home looks very nice! Very comfortable and peaceful.

  2. I think that you have accomplished your goal, Laura. It looks warm and cozy. Have a good week!

  3. Sometimes I have trouble deciding when pinning to Pinterest. Do I pin this to my Cottage Style board or my Farmhouse Style board? I don't think it makes a big difference. Love the record player! Does it work? Now I'm wishing I'd taken my old albums with me when I left. I imagine they got tossed out. And that horse! What a beauty.

  4. Your sweet apartment does look like an English Cottage. I love all your pretty style in your place. I am both a little French Country and lots of cottage in my house. I think we all have a little of a few decor types. It is so fun that you can surround yourself with what you love and it is all good. No trends anymore. Happy Thursday.

  5. It looks lovely no matter what you call it! Very cozy and homey and fixed up just to your tastes and what you love surrounding you! I love walking in my door to my house and going "ahahahaha" I'm home and it's my safe haven. I do see both styles in your home, and they blend so beautifully!

  6. I don't know about anyone else but the first time I saw your apartment (I'm a new reader to your blog) it said English Country to me. It's warn, inviting and it has lots of respect for the old. it's perfect!

  7. Beautiful, Laura. I love all those things too. The advantage we have over here is that our ceilings are usually higher than old English cottages. :-)

  8. whatever it is, that is the look I am going toward in my house. It is a harder road for me than you, but I really love looking at the pictures and I believe that looking and enjoying the pictures will train our eyes to see what needs to be done in our own rooms. Thanks for the view.

  9. Laura you have made your apartment pretty and welcoming.

    I love French and I don't label our home too much. I want it comfortable and collected. I think your home feels collected.

    Enjoy your weekend



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